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Getex is a specialist consulting and testing company in the Work Health & Safety and Environment sectors. They rose to popularity over a decade with their hard work and customer-focused approach, but did not achieve their reputation through digital channels. Getex were managing their own AdWords account but it wasn’t performing all too well so they didn’t see much value in investing in the digital landscape.

This is where they called us in to ask for some assistance. We took one look and realised we needed to do a complete takeover of their digital marketing strategy. We showed Getex just how powerful AdWords could be if used with marketing know-how. More importantly, we showed them that they had so much more marketing potential if they used the whole Google kit, rather than just AdWords.

Soluble Actions

We envisioned a complete overhaul of their AdWords account, but also wanted to incorporate SEO and website design to give them the best possible results. When they put trust into us, they agreed to combine the services and begun to see how effective digital is done right. We took them beyond the bottom line to new heights.

Website Design

We worked hard to prove to Getex that we had what it took to get them compelling marketing results when they had no hope for digital efforts. They signed on for one service at a time, first for Google Adwords. Once we had proved we were capable to achieve success for their brand by increasing acquisitions, they agreed to a new custom-designed website. Once they saw how effective their sales-focused website obtained increased conversions, they finally decided to go for SEO which brought in consistent growth in website traffic.

Results So Far

With our trio of marketing tool methods – AdWords, website design and SEO – we managed to boost every metric of Getex’s analytics, with all three increasing their overall revenue. Our comprehensive campaign was a lasting success and Getex has no doubt digital is where it’s at now!

In only two months of launching their website and campaigns, their AdWords conversions increased 57%, with website conversion rates rising by 43% and website traffic through our SEO rewarded with a huge increase of 164%! And how did all this impact Getex’s bottom line? Our strategy received a 74% return on investment and they were amazed with a 69% revenue boost. A big win for both of us.

+57% Increase in Conversions

Getex did not have faith in the complete digital marketing having had difficulties with Google AdWords. They now see that an online campaign works best when combining all the different techniques together to create a whole process. And experience and expertise from a trustworthy agency is critical!

164% Increase in Sessions
78% Increase in Users
43% Increase in Conversion Rate
47% Decrease in CPA
73% Increase in ROI
69% Increase in Revenue

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