Nationwide Electrical achieves an 877% increase in ROAS in 1 month!

Nationwide Electrical began as a humble market stall in Paddys markets in the 1980’s, building their business on unbeatable customer service and product quality. For decades, Nationwide prided itself as being a leading provider for the highest quality electrical appliances, cooking and portable gas stoves for cooking enthusiasts, professional caterers and camping lovers across Australia.

Throughout the years, Nationwide has witnessed the world of retail change and become more and more digital, and they knew they had to adapt with the current times. Nationwide wanted to maintain their core values of providing excellent customer service and unmatched product quality whilst being able to push their ever expanding product range at scale and get put on Google's online map! To do that, they needed the power of Google ads and Facebook ads, and the digital prowess of AdVisible to do so. With a comprehensive Google ads and social media strategy, our AdVisible digital marketing geniuses managed to triple their results since May, and skyrocket their ROAS.

  • +1500% Increase in ROAS
  • +1151% Increase in Revenue
  • +1700% Increase in Conversions on Social
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Nationwide Electrical’s Objectives

  • Increase revenue through Google Ads & social ads

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  • Breach the gap in the market, competitors were not running social ads

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  • Improve brand awareness & brand recall

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The Strategy

While Nationwide Electrical was already running Google Ads, they wanted to optimise their campaigns, expand their reach to an online audience and skyrocket their results.

After seeing great reviews and results from their Google Ads under AdVisible, the client also decided to also come on for social ads services, and additional SEO services in which we also achieved outstanding results. From our initial Google ads and social media audit, our insights informed us that the client was still utilising outdated optimisation techniques. It was AdVisible’s mission to develop a comprehensive strategy that allowed for optimised product listings for customers and create a new marketing funnel to target both new and old customers that have interacted with Nationwide Electrical. Doing so, Nationwide Electrical could successfully ‘get with the times’, and make their brand in line and on-trend for the cooking enthusiasts and avid campers throughout Australia.


Our Approach

Our digital marketing strategy involved a variety of Google Ads optimisations, Facebook Ad optimisations as well as SEO. Our talented team implemented the following strategies:

Shopping campaigns

Our Google Ads experts deep dove into Nationwide Electrical’s account and discovered their competitors had very unoptimised shopping campaigns or had gaps in following the best Google shopping practices. We saw this as a great opportunity to optimise and perform very well here. In response, we segmented the client’s Google Shopping campaigns that allowed for flexible state-based targeting as well as vigorously optimising product listings.

We mapped the entirety of Nationwide Electrical’s inventory. Our experts created optimised product titles, updated descriptions and URLs to be used with shopping to make the client’s content more relevant to users. We then created location based shopping campaigns which allowed us to allocate appropriate budgets based on the most top performing states throughout Australia.


Our Approach

Facebook Ads

Our next step was to build a “Full scope funnel” for Nationwide Electrical’s Facebook Ads to gain prospective customers as well as retarget customers that have already interacted with Nationwide Electrical from Facebook and any other social media channels. Our experts believed that creating an overall eCommerce funnel that could translate into individual campaigns, would be more beneficial for Nationwide Electrical to reach its long-term goals.

We took the demographic data gathered from our successful Google shopping campaigns and used it to assist in directing our targeting for their new Facebook ads. In our prospecting campaigns, we used our customer profiling built through GA to steer our targeting in the right direction. Our ads were created to directly address the customer at each stage of their journey through UGC-style video ads as well as dynamic retargeting ads. This contributed to the quick success of our Facebook ads as we were able to waste less money testing and more money delivering ads to the right audience, at the right time.


Our Approach

SEO & Keyword Mapping

The next step of our strategy was deep-diving into Nationwide Electrical’s desktop website and giving their site content a much-needed facelift. To ensure content remained relevant to long-time customers and prospective customers, our experts optimised keyword mapping for their metadata, as well as enriched collection/product pages with non-branded search terms Nationwide Electrical’s customers, were actively searching for. Keywords included but were not limited to terms like ‘gas burner’, ‘burner stove’, and ‘portable stove’. This was a great feat of accomplishment as these are broad keywords with huge competitors. As the strategy unfolded Nationwide Electrical ranked #1 for the search terms ‘gas burner & wok burner!’


Results & Evaluation

Since onboarding with AdVisible, Nationwide Electrical has seen outstanding results, achieving growth in ROAS for 8 consecutive months now. Our results show that Nationwide Electrical has obtained an overall 1500% increase in ROAS over the course of 12 months on Google ad with results skyrocketing in the last three. Meanwhile, social media has seen an 877% increase in ROAS in just 1 month since coming on with us, earning a 1700% increase in conversions just on social media.

In terms of SEO, Nationwide Electrical have now tripled their overall revenue, obtaining 500% in revenue growth, receiving a 20% growth for keyword indexation on desktop with their main keyword ‘gas burner’ bringing in 12% more clicks in the last 3 months, and an additional 30% growth in non-branded clicks on their site.


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