The French Learning Institute- From no ranking to the 1st page on Google!

  • 0 Increase of impressions
  • 0 Increase in keywords
  • 0 Ranked no. 1 for keyword ‘French Lessons’

Project Overview

The French Learning Institute is one of many French language learning schools based in Sydney’s bustling CBD. With 15 other leading French language schools in Sydney alone combined with the addition of approximately 80 million native speakers and 190 million secondary French speakers worldwide, getting to the top of the local competition was an almost impossible feat.

While The French Language School had previously had their SEO managed by another agency, the client was concerned about the lack of lead numbers and poor ROI. They tasked our digital marketing experts to get them to the very first page of local searches on Google SERPs. The phenomenal results exceeded the client’s expectations!

Our Proposal

Attracting qualified leads would be challenging, as the client was up against many existing Sydney-based French language schools. AdVisible’s central focus was to get them to reach the top 5 on the first page of search results. To ensure that we covered all stages of The French Learning Institute’s marketing pipeline, our objectives were to;

  • Drive qualified traffic to their website using SEO.
  • Generate more qualified leads and a better ROI.
  • Improve brand awareness in within an already existing and competitive industry.
  • Push their almost non-existent ranking on Google SERP to the first page.

Strategy & Awareness

To ensure that we would have to leverage The French Learning Institute’s target audience using all high-volume “french learning” keywords, AdVisible proposed the following plan of attack;

  • Undergo a full revision of the client’s use of keywords in their website
  • Conduct a keyword gap analysis and a competitor gap analysis to help TFLI to rank higher on Google SERP’s.
  • From our data, create new pages, optimise existing page content, and optimise keywords through metadata.

Our Approach

Competitor Gap Analysis

Our first approach is to always implement a solid competitor gap analysis & research. This;

  • Allowed our experts to look at the leading businesses in the industry.
  • Gather crucial intel on the best SEO strategies to skyrocket their brand awareness.
  • Pinpoint the pain points that we could attack and optimise.

Extensive Keyword Gap Analysis

We then looked into an in-depth keyword gap analysis from The French Learning Institute’s main competitors. This tactic involved the following;

  • Looking into high intent keywords that competitors are currently ranking for.
  • Looking into the keywords that competitors weren’t ranking for.

Doing so gave us a concrete idea on which high intent keyword to focus on, and where we can put our resources into.

On Page and Off Page Optimisations

Now the pieces are starting to line up. The next step was deep-diving into our client’s website. In response we;

  • Delved into the backend of the client’s website
  • Assessed if there are any immediate fixes we can action and wins we can target.
  • Implemented on/off page optimisations.
  • Improved technical SEO perspectives, and editing small things including how the seasonality of the industry affected results.

Expanding website content

To ensure site content remained relevant to long-time customers and prospects most likely to convert, and purchase their online classes, we expanded their lesson courses with fresh content with high user intent keywords. We;

  • Implemented page category content.
  • Proposed fresh landing page content.

With these optimisation strategies, we would help TFLI stand a chance against their top competitors! 

Results So Far

1350% Increase of impressions
Before working with AdVisible, The French Learning Institute reached only 20 local impressions per month. By May 2021, impressions grew by 1350%, proving we toppled over a dynasty and compete with this industry’s leading businesses!
130% Increase in keywords
It’s no question that this campaign was difficult to tackle due to the amount of research and optimisation techniques gone into the strategy. We exceeded The French Learning Institute’s forecasted KPI for keyword indexation and increased it by 130%!
1 Ranked no. 1 for keyword ‘French Lessons’
From not ranking at all to ranking over 15 keywords in the top 3 positions, we managed to help The French Learning Institute outrank competitors with high ranking generic keywords including ‘Learn French’, ‘Learn French Online’, ‘Learn French Sydney’, and with ‘French lessons’ ranking number 1!

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