Herbidoor achieves a 200% Increase in ROAS in 6 months!

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Project Overview

Herbidoor is a ready-made meals company that focuses on providing delicious vegan options to everyday people, aiming to increase or kickstart a healthier, and stress-free lifestyle. However, they required top-quality social media services to broadcast their brand to the masses. They turned to AdVisible’s social media experts to improve their overall performance on their social media ads – and we were game to take on the challenge!

Our Proposal

Herbidoor originally ran their campaigns in-house, but after reduced results and unfamiliarity with the nuances of social media marketing, they needed professional assistance to;

  • Drive online sales via social media channels.
  • Increase monthly revenue produced from digital marketing channels.
  • Increase overall brand awareness and visibility across Instagram and Facebook.

Strategy & Awareness

Our goal was to improve sales and transform Herbidoor into a top brand within the competitive ready-made meals industry;

  • Implement a funnel-based approach to create a solid foundation then deploy our targeting tactics.
  • Create customer profiles from their historical data then leverage this information for our cold audience campaigns.
  • Use new ads to get the most impressions and conversions possible.

Our Approach

Re-evaluate their Account Structure

Herbidoor’s social media ad accounts lacked structure, resulting in convoluted and poorly structured in-house campaigns. In response, our experts did the following:

  • Reconfigured their campaigns with goal-oriented strategies.
  • Implemented innovative optimisation changes to ad targeting without disturbing the current ad performance.

Doing so, we boosted their campaigns, not hindered them!

Re-work Audience Targeting

Our audit into their ads account showed that Herbidoor’s cold audience targeting was inefficient. We fixed their targeting issues by;

  • Creating target consumer profiles.
  • Matched profiles with demographic, interest and profession-based targeting in Facebook.

Our central focus was to ensure we gained back the money they lost from targeting audiences that weren’t converting into sales.

Brand new ads

To complement our now better-identified customers, we tailored social media ads that spoke directly to Herbidoor’s new target audience.

  • We ran ads during an initial testing period.
  • Compared the best ad types to serve to their customers.

Within the first month, we had winning ads for all stages of their marketing funnel!

Results So Far

+200% Increase in ROAS
In March we have doubled Herbidoor’s monthly ROAS across all campaigns. As a result, the client has seen a significant increase in sales month on month whilst still spending that same amount of ad spend.
+154% Increase in CTR
By becoming more relevant to their target audiences and moving ahead of the competition, Herbidoor successfully increased CTR’s by 154%! Now that's growth!
+150% Overall monthly impressions
Our experts improved brand awareness metrics for Herbidoor exponentially, increasing monthly impressions by 150%, equalling 80K extra impressions per month!

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