609% increase in leads for Deltora Diamonds

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  • 0 Monthly clicks
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Stats So Far

  • 22 leads to 156 leads per month (and their leads are only growing).
  • Exponential growth in social media campaigns within the 1st month!
  • 1545 to 3737 increase in monthly clicks!
  • 77K increase in monthly impressions.
  • Successfully provided education and support of the ethical process of lab-grown diamonds.
  • Generated conversions 77% cheaper than original campaigns.


Deltora Diamonds is a boutique lab grown diamond retailer that has been steadily growing their e-commerce presence. Deltora is known for their high quality diamonds which come at a fraction of the cost as regular-mined diamonds. After some unsuccessful Facebook and paid ad campaigns, the client came to AdVisible to get real results. The client required a digital marketing  agency that could understand their unique selling proposition and personalised approach to a traditionally “not-so-personally-serviced” product, and promote this concept in their marketing efforts to educate and win customers.

Our Approach

Social Media

We restructured their social campaigns to meet best practices that accommodated Deltora’s unique lead conversion processes. Our approach involved a three-pronged approach which included using Google Analytics to determine the best demographic range, providing educational USP-themed ads, and restructuring their social campaigns to feature custom intent questions. 

Google Ads

Deltora Diamond’s Google Ads account wasn’t properly optimised to maximise results. Their account demonstrated poorly segmented keywords within their campaigns. In response, we restructured their account to ensure their new ads were built to scale and focused on high-ranking keywords that were targeted to the client’s Sydney-based “to-be-married” audience, and had high ROAS.

Results So Far

609% Increase in leads per month
Thanks to our efforts in setting up Facebook campaigns with custom intent questions, the client could successfully call each lead to provide the most tailored bespoke lab-diamond product to every client. This not only boosted her conversion rate exponentially but provided a more intimate customer experience with her brand.
141% Monthly clicks
Providing education of this niche service was the client's topmost priority. Thanks to our efforts, we crafted ad creatives that succinctly meshed with the client's personal approach while providing relevant information to their target audience. The result was creating a series a highly compelling series of ads that skyrocketed monthly clicks.
107% Monthly impressions
We are firm believers in leveraging Google Analytics to obtain the best results! By pinpointing the best demographic ranges to target Deltora's new ads, we paired this with interest and relationship status targeting to create highly efficient ad groups that were generating conversions for cheaper and boosted impressions.

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