Rental Power reached an ELECTRIFYING 4x Increase in Website Conversions

  • 0 Increase in high-intent clicks
  • 0 Increase in website conversions
  • 0 Reaching 250,757 impressions

Stats So Far

  • Social Media: 1059 AVG Page Views per month
  • Social Media: Reaching 94,959 Audience
  • Social Media: With 250,757 Impressions
  • Google Ads: 2,130 Clicks per month – 150% increase
  • Google Ads: 47 Conversions (Calls and Form Submissions) 4x increase
  • Google Ads: Average CPC $3.02 decrease from $6.87


Rental Power has an array of contemporary fleets that include the latest technology from engine and alternator manufacturers. Factory-trained technicians, various auxiliary equipment, and extensive experience in the rental industry craft their generators. 

When our client approached us, frustrated by the lack of positive ROI from their previous agency’s Google Ads efforts, we knew it was time to take action. Conducting a comprehensive audit of their existing Google Ads campaigns, we scoped many issues interfering with their success. Armed with insights and a determination to turn things around, we embarked on a journey to revitalise their online presence and deliver tangible results.

Our Approach

Google Ads

Since we launched our Google Ads campaigns in the first month alone, we saw a significant surge in performance metrics, indicating a substantial increase in user engagement and conversion rates. We achieved a staggering average of 2,130 clicks per month, a remarkable 150% increase! 

We’re thrilled to share that our strategic approach delivered outstanding results, resulting in a fourfold increase in conversions through 47 actions, including calls and form submissions. The success of our Google Ads Campaign inspired our client to launch a Social Media campaign, enabling them to reach a wider audience and showcase their products visually. We’re excited to hear that they also plan to bring on board their other companies, and we can’t wait to continue working with them to achieve even greater success.

Social Media Advertising

We aimed to showcase Rental Power’s exceptional products, focusing on their “Greener Solutions” range and engaging the audience to a higher degree. We are thrilled to report that our efforts exceeded our expectations, and the Greener Solutions campaign received over 110,700 impressions and reached more than 71,000 people.

Our prospecting was equally impressive, with 156,554 impressions generated and over 71,500 potential customers reached, demonstrating the wide appeal of our targeted messaging. Overall, we reached an audience of 94,959 and generated a staggering 250,757 impressions!

Results So Far

150% Increase in high-intent clicks
We created exponential growth with our Google Ads campaigns, achieving an extraordinary 150% increase in clicks. This remarkable engagement surge happened due to our multiple campaigns targeting both new audiences and existing clientele. Due to this increase in clicks, we successfully expanded the brand’s reach and overall ROI.
4x Increase in website conversions
Within the first month of releasing our campaigns, our team garnered over 40 submissions to our Contact Us page. This influx of inquiries showcases the strength of our strategic approach and the compelling nature of our messaging. Each submission represents a potential lead eager to engage with our offerings, demonstrating the tangible impact of our efforts on driving meaningful interactions with our target audience. We anticipate even greater success in the months ahead as we continue to fine-tune and optimise our campaigns.
250,757 Reaching 250,757 impressions
We are thrilled to have received positive feedback from Rental Power on the success of our Google Ads collaboration. In light of this, we extended our partnership to boost their social media presence. We focused on Instagram and Facebook, highlighting their new 'Greener Solutions Products' range. Our campaign reached an impressive 94,000 people and garnered over 500 website visits!

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