How Fencing Initiatives achieved an incredible 2,794% increase in conversions

Fencing Components is a one-stop fence supply shop based in Sydney, offering high material and discounted fencing supplies and fence parts. The team started their digital marketing in-house, but quickly realised they needed support from experts in the field if they were to ever achieve their marketing goals. We were keen to help them reach new heights and provide them with advice and expertise, which would tap into the possibilities and potential of their business.

  • +1,435% Increase in traffic
  • +2,794% Increase in conversions
  • -92.5% Decrease in CPC
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Fencing Components’ Objectives

  • Become the ‘go-to’ company for fencing supplies and information on fences online

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  • Generate a positive return on ad spend (ROAS)

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  • Increase qualified traffic and conversions on the Fencing Components website

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  • Rank for relevant and targeted keywords related to fencing parts

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The Strategy

Our clear-cut strategies provided our client with a plan to generate positive ROAS, increase conversions and increase traffic to their website. We also provided Fencing Components with a marketing strategy which would enhance their professional and reputable brand to be the ‘go-to’ company for fencing supplies and information on fences.

Our approach centred on two components: Google Ads and SEO. We were confident that by delivering high-performance Google Ads campaigns and increasing Fencing Components’ rankings, we would achieve incredible results for the team.


Our Approach

We focused on three high impact fencing categories on sales and continually made optimisations to each campaign. At the same time, we paused keywords and ad groups that weren’t performing, split tested ads, added negative keywords, and changed bidding strategy to focus on conversions rather than clicks — all to ensure that their campaigns were optimised for leads and sales. We also introduced a shopping campaign in May to further grow our Google Ads presence, and used Google Observational audiences to better target people in the construction & building industry, or those in the market for home improvement or outdoor supplies.

Fencing Components noticed that they had strong competition online. Since we had significantly improved business with our Google Ads strategy, they also entrusted us to help them with SEO. We analysed the site and noticed that there were a significant number of technical SEO issues — all of which we rectified through actions such as adding metadata to fixing broken internal links, improving the crawlability of several pages and improving site load times. At the same time, our SEO experts fixed many duplicate title tags and meta descriptions and optimised the pages to target the keywords that we knew were effective from our Google Ads performance.


Results So Far

Within only 4 months we have achieved all the initial goals the client set out for us to achieve within 12 month — and the best part is that we have continued to improve their growth to date. Conversions have been growing gradually month on month and have improved dramatically since September 2019, with 17,978 Organic Visitors (SEO) and 10,163 Paid Search Visitors (Google Ads) in total. Fencing Components also went from ranking in the top 3 for 33 keywords to a massive 106 keywords in top 3.


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    Andrew Hou CEO & Co-Founder
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    Patryk Zawadka Senior Growth Strategist
    Hellen Pham Social Media Manager
    Jennifer Valverde Digital Account Manager
    Raynal Sharma SEO Manager

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