Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is dedicated to providing as much transparency and value to you as possible. Below are a few answers to common questions for pay per click advertising.

Web Design

Are there any additional charges for web projects?

If we stick within the scope of work outlined in this proposal, alongside nailing down objectives for the website, we do not foresee any additional charges, any changes requested thereafter are billable.

What is Objective Based Design?

As we grow alongside the digital landscape, typical / old website design processes are no longer relevant. Objective Based Design is a methodology that is focused on generating growth through your website. Design is inspired by your business goals and we utilise your website’s functionality to help drive customers and growth to your business. Objective Based Design for us, is to create a seamless customer experience between you and your potential customers by minimising friction points throughout the engagement.

What do you need from us (the client)?

Every project is a little different so we will always advise new content during our discovery session, which will be listed and discussed alongside the solutions and objectives section of this proposal. Other generic assets we would need from you are listed below, unless previously discussed:

  • Logo / branding artwork
  • Branding guideline
  • All available images that need to be used
  • Additional images suggested by the AdVisible team
  • Document inclusive of all copywriting for the entire website
  • Domain / hosting access (if you don’t have existing accounts we can organise this for you)
  • Access to your existing website CMS

Why does everyone say content is so important?

Content is a lot more than just a few words and paragraphs. Well written content following a detailed content strategy means it will be created to cater to your specific demographic. Great content helps our designers create with the most effective website designs by utilising your content to evoke interest. A website designed without content in mind is less effective, as it’s just a pretty painting with no description – content educates users while design guides interaction.

When does content (images / copywriting) need to be finalised?

For most projects, the best time for content to be finalised is during the conceptual phase alongside wireframes. This ensures our designers understand the amount of content that is needed on the website and there is a suitable guideline for our strategy. If this is too soon, we can design according to what we recommend is the best amount of content and we would need the content finalised prior to the end of development.

What is a wireframe?

A wireframe is a skeleton of the newly designed website, which acts as a guideline for the entire design. A wireframe gives you an idea of where all elements sit on the page structurally, and how the website functions overall.

What happens if I don’t like the designs presented?

Our team designs the website according to your business objectives, target market, trends, company branding and follows any strict design guidelines. Every approval stage allows you the opportunity to request changes so we can nail down exactly what you’re after so we’re sure you’ll love what we’ve created.

How many rounds of changes do I have?

We allow for 3 rounds of changes to any chosen design / concept. We ask that you provide a round of changes in a singular document / email. This is the most efficient way to make changes to any given design so the direction of the project does not get skewed midway. Rounds of changes are not applicable for Development.

Why do I need to send written feedback in ‘rounds’?

Written feedback allows you to easily consolidate changes into one email and eliminates the confusion that can occur when multiple changes are asked at different times of the project. When you have a checklist to run through, it ensures the project changes are implemented efficiently.

What is a change that is ‘Out Of Scope’?

A change that is Out Of Scope refers to an alteration that is presented or asked for after this agreement. We understand that ideas are always blossoming throughout the project so if the direction of the business changes halfway through a project we would need to requote the new requirements. Below is a list of example Out Of Scope tasks in addition to this agreement:

  • eCommerce Integration
  • Add a News / Blogs function
  • API integration for CRM / Social Media
  • Changes to designs post approval
  • Changes to structure post development approval
  • Random logo redesign

How do we ensure the project is finished on time?

It is important that we all work as a team and are equally invested into the project in adhering to deadlines and response times. We understand first hand that work can be overwhelming and deadlines are harder and harder to commit to so we strive to make this process as smooth as possible so both parties have sufficient allocated time to amend / review at any stage.

What happens when the project is finished?

We offer a complimentary one month of support upon finalising any website project, this is for any missing pieces to be finalised after the website is live. After this one-month period, unless you are on a Growth or Care Plan for your website, any changes will be quoted at an hourly rate.

Why is it important to take on board a Growth and Care Plan post website build?

Maintenance and constant optimisation has become the norm for a website if you wish to survive in the digital landscape. No website is capable of just setup and hoping for the best as the digital space is constantly changing. To tackle this, we need to ensure there is action taken to make certain that your website is adaptable enough to stay healthy and relevant long-term.

Google AdWords Strategy

How do I know where my Google spend is going and what results I’m getting?

It’s simple – advertisers will be billed their ad spend directly from Google. Results will be transparent because we link your AdWords account up to Google Analytics and you will receive monthly performance reports.

How often am I billed by Google?

Every 30 days, or when you reach your cost threshold – whichever comes first.

What should my daily budget for AdWords be?

Your budget should correlate with your business goals. Calculate the number of new customers you want, compared to a baseline conversion rate, then work out how many clicks you need per day to reach that goal.

The most important factor in deciding your budget is potential versus affordability. If your budget is too small, you might not get the traffic levels you need. On the other hand, if you’re spending more than you can afford, your success won’t be sustainable.

How much will it cost me each time someone clicks on my ad?

When one of your keywords are searched, this will trigger an ad auction. Bid prices can range from $0.05 to the top end of $80.00 per click in hypercompetitive industries. Bid prices for keywords generally fall into a range between $0.50 to $5.00. It depends on your desired ad position, competition levels and a keyword’s quality score.

What is click-through-rate (CTR)?

CTR is a metric used to measure the relevancy of your ad to a user. It is presented as a percentage, calculated by the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown (called impressions). The benchmark percentage for CTR that Google identifies is 1-2% (for search advertising).

Can I schedule my ads to only display during certain hours and days?

Yes, we set select certain hours and days for when you want your ad to show. We strategically select times when your product / service is most likely to be searched and convert, so you can make the most of your AdWords spend.

How specific of an area can I target for my AdWords campaign?

You can specify an area as small as a 1km radius around a GPS coordinate. Businesses can target specific suburbs, states or countries. It’s all about understanding where your target audience is.

Can I track the phone and email leads that come from my AdWords traffic?

Yes, we set up Google Forwarding Numbers, mobile call buttons, form fill tracking and much more to help you track. Leads will be reported separately by source, so you can tell what’s working and what’s not. We mutually agree with you on the conversions that should be tracked across all campaigns.

Should I use the same keywords for AdWords if I already rank for them through SEO?

It really depends on how much you want to dominate. Statistics support by having a dominant position for both, it will increase your overall CTR for both listings.

Can I protect myself from click fraud? (i.e. competitors purposely clicking your ads repeatedly)

Yes, using IP blocking software we can block repeat IPs. Google also have a great click fraud system to reimburse advertisers for invalid clicks.

Search Engine Optimisation

How much does SEO cost?

SEO services vary in price depending on who is offering the service. Hit the eject button if a vendor is offering SEO at very low prices as they tend to cut corners, and use ‘black-hat’ (i.e. unethical) techniques to manipulate the Google Algorithm. This will result in Google penalties, sharp decreases in traffic and link spam for unsuspecting business owners.

Our pricing is not on the cheaper end of the scale; however, you will receive value. You will be paying for our experience, ethics, proven strategies and effectiveness.

To execute a comprehensive SEO strategy in-house, you will require a SEO technician, developer, technologist and coordinator which could easily add up to $250,000+. AdVisible have experienced people in these roles and offer you our resources, and team’s specific expertise, at a fraction of the price.

When can I expect to see results?

The time it takes to see improved results is dependent on a few factors:

  • Competitiveness of your industry and keywords
  • Domain age / authority, and whether the site has been penalised previously
  • Previous optimisations
  • The amount of quality content you create

Will a Google Update affect my website?

When an update is released, Google will penalise sites that breach their search engine guidelines. Spammy link building from low authority websites and over-optimised pages are two common mistakes that result in a Google penalty. On the flip side, if you adhere to Google’s guidelines, you will see an uplift in your traffic and rankings.

What are backlinks and are they important?

Backlinks are links from other sites that direct to your website. Quality and natural links are very important in establishing authority for your site. Imagine it this way – the more positive hype on the internet associated with your business that links back to your site, the more relevant your site becomes in the eyes of Google.

How long does it take to get indexed by Google?

Previously, businesses had to submit their site to search engines or wait until Google organically found them. We have faster methods to ensure Google notices you sooner and indexes you as soon as possible.

What is a sitemap.xml file and why is it important?

This file is an index of all the pages (including URLs) on your site and acts as a quick reference for search engines to recognise what content you want indexed.

What goals should I set for my SEO?

While it’s important to a certain extent, you shouldn’t be too fixated on how many visits you’re getting and first page rankings for meaningless keywords. You should care more about whether the visitors to your site are qualified prospects and if they perform your desired actions. AdVisible drives qualified leads to your site through a mixture of “money keywords” and “long-tail keywords” that will generate an increase in business sales.

Is negative SEO a real threat?

There will always be competitors out there that use unethical methods to outrank you. Negative SEO is a common practice in competitive niches. We protect your site from malicious attacks by constantly auditing your backlink profile, and quickly submitting a disavow request with Google if we see foul play.

Social Media Management

What is effective social media marketing?

First you need to be clear on your specific campaign goals. For example:
Goal #1: Increase website referrals and revenue
Strategy: Promote your products and services through organic and paid posts. We would track performance metrics such as traffic, direct sales and assisted sales.
Goal #2: Build an engaged audience
Strategy: Promote engaging and relevant content to incrementally grow your audience on the social media platforms that your target audience use. We would track engagement metrics, and qualitative / quantitative audience feedback.

How does AdVisible find content specific to my target audience?

We use social media technology and software to find out what content your target audience is mostly interacting with from the past week, month and year.

What if I have a lack of shareable content?

AdVisible help you build a library full of relevant and compelling content that your target audience is interested in. We hunt down relevant content, blogs, repurpose existing content to share over time, and much more. It’s always best to have an existing library of content we can work with, however don’t worry if you don’t, we can get our team to work a little harder to ensure we have content ready for you.

How do AdVisible get customers to engage with my brand?

We boost your social page engagement through increasing the number of shares, likes, comments, clicks and conversions. Customer interaction with your brand is driven by asking questions, promoting engaging and relevant content, contests, promotions, education and much more.

How do I measure return on investment with social media?

We boost your social page engagement through increasing the number of shares, likes, comments, clicks and conversions. Customer interaction with your brand is driven by asking questions, promoting engaging and relevant content, contests, promotions, education and much more.

How do I measure return on investment with social media?

We set up conversion goals to record high-value customer interactions such as sales online, completion of contact forms, time spent on a landing page, newsletter signups, promotion signups, and anything else you wish to track.

In addition, there are indirect benefits of social media that are impossible to precisely measure, which include social proof, credibility and brand awareness. These factors play a psychological role in your customer’s buying decisions.

What do Social Media Managers actually do?

  • Manage content and posting calendars to plan and schedule posts
  • Curate engaging, creative content
  • Monitor brand mentions and keywords
  • Engage with customers and partners (i.e. reply to all comments, reviews and questions)
  • Review analytics and determine next steps
  • Optimise social media posts and performance

When will AdVisible post for me?

With over 7 years of expertise, we know the best days and times to post on different social media platforms. Our social media strategists will continuously split test to drive optimum reach and engagement. Throughout the process, if we believe your posts will perform better at different times and days, we’ll be sure to let you know and adjust accordingly.