266% increase in conversions for APC Technology

  • 0 Surge in conversions in just 2 months!
  • 0 Increase in impressions on a yearly basis
  • 0 Increase in assisted conversions for SEO

Stats So Far

  • 164K total impressions in the last six months
  • 127% increase in clicks to APC Technology’s ‘contact page’ 
  • 21% increase in keyword increase since the beginning of the campaign
  • Helped client reach page 1 for all priority keywords
  • Compared to the previous six months, APC Technology obtained a 156% increase in goal completions (organic conversions)
  • CPAs decreased by 42% at $342.46 per conversion
  • Top performing campaigns include Intrinsically Safe Devices campaign followed by Rugged & Industrial Devices. They are top-performing keywords and continue to exhibit a longer purchase journey


Based in South Australia with more than 30 years of experience, APC Technology is a full spectrum tech manufacturing company capable of build-to-print through to build to specifications. Despite their proven record of good reach and depth in defence and industrial sectors, the company looked to expand their online presence further.

They tasked AdVisible to build comprehensive SEO and Google Ads strategies that emphasised their most profitable services (contract manufacturing) and ensured their rugged mobile solutions reached their targeted audiences.

Our Approach


Despite their years of experience, APC Technology’s website lacked the same brand presence and organic traffic as their industry competitors. Additionally, the client was gaining steady impressions that weren’t converting into leads which caused a plug in their marketing funnel. 

In response, our SEO analysts developed a three-pronged strategy involving technical, on-page and off-page analysis tactics that ensured their target audience found value in their website and helped them rank higher on Google search results. Strategies included expanding thin content on product category pages, a complete KWM revision and CRO changes such as CTA links. 

SEO Research

Google Ads

After a thorough audit of the client’s Google Ads account, our analysts saw that APC Technology’s account wasn’t properly optimised to maximise results. Additionally, targeted keywords groups performing well weren’t correctly segmented in their campaigns. We restructured their account to ensure their new ads were built to scale and focused the budget on high-ranking search terms with high ROAS.

Results So Far

350% Surge in conversions in just 2 months!
While APC Technology had just signed up to our Google Ads services, our efforts and perseverance managed to skyrocket their conversions in a mere two months! Thanks to implementing keyword-driven campaigns, we grew conversions by 350%!
285% Increase in impressions on a yearly basis
From having an almost non-existent online presence to 164K total impressions in the last six months, our three-pronged SEO strategy demonstrated that our experts had the drive and the expertise to deep-dive into a niche industry and build a website that matched their notoriety in the rugged solutions sector.
266% Increase in assisted conversions for SEO
Thanks to our efforts in expanding APC Technology's thin content and product category pages, our SEO analysts successfully provided relevant content that encouraged the client's target audience to convert from prospects into leads.

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