Facebook Advertising Services

  • Precise targeting capabilities for increased clicks and conversions
  • Tailored ad campaigns based on your objectives
  • Drive qualified traffic directly to your website or store
  • Drive qualified traffic directly to your website or store
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What Our Clients Say

“It was clear to see their proposal was tailored to our business. It wasn’t just a cookie-clutter response that shows what they do for every other company that they work for. The guys have already gone in, done their research, looked around, looked at what they could improve things and have already created a bit of a framework.”

Kat Diprose
Marketing Manager
Bisley Workwear

“What AdVisible did is they opened up our mind and they opened up our business to multiple platforms… It’s the first time we’ve ever had a really good positive consumer acquisition cost. We try to aim for a very specific number and they hit that within the first two weeks which is unheard of. Advertising is going really well.”

Marketing Director
Lockeroom Gym

“I was expecting AdVisible to show me some changes within about 6 months. But within the first month, I already saw increases in sales. I went from doing 4 sales a week to 4 sales a day, almost overnight and it’s only grown from there. It’s been an amazing experience to see how fast the business has grown with the help of AdVisible.”

Stu Shannon
Growth Labs Australia

“A lot of the agencies over promise and under deliver. But when we met AdVisible they asked us all the right questions and over delivered.

Other than delivering a fantastic website and profitable advertising campaigns, the biggest benefit has been working with an agency that actually cares. The benefits of working with AdVisible, have been greater and greater the longer we’ve been partners. We continue to see great improvements every year.”

Daniel Chanisheff
Practice Principal
Green Square Health

“Having a professional digital marketing agency such as AdVisible on board when we launched, helped us grow and scale quickly. The new website they designed and campaign results exceeded our expectations.

What’s even better is AdVisible have a genuine interest in not only our brand and products, but also our continued growth.”

Jie Yu
Let's Face It

After being with another company managing our SEO and Google Ads, we were left very disappointed by a lack of results and understanding of our business. We went in search of a company that could deliver what they promised, and AdVisible did just that.

If you want a team dedicated to ensuring your success, I cannot recommend AdVisible more highly – they truly deliver on their guarantee!

Daniel Linnett
Sydney Photographic Workshops

Leverage the world’s largest social media platform for your business

Brand exposure
Reach thousands with your message

Targeted advertising
Identify potential customers with laser focus

Flexible formats
Tailor your advertising to your marketing objectives

Cost-effective & scalable
Achieve results for a fraction of paid search costs

Make Facebook work harder for your bottom line

Facebook is one of the biggest websites on the planet. Millions of users log into Facebook every day to discover new brands, engage with businesses, and make purchase decisions. However, it’s no secret that organic reach is on the decline. If you want to get the most out of Facebook for your business, Facebook advertising in Australia is the way to go.

Facebook advertising can benefit every stage of the customer funnel, from maximising brand awareness and consideration to driving purchases and increasing brand loyalty. Our Facebook advertising guns create tailored campaigns to help you achieve your business objectives, whether it’s visibility, traffic, leads or sales.

Improve conversions with precise targeting

Millions of Australians use Facebook every single day. So how do you weed through these users to find potential customers? Simple — with Facebook’s targeting capabilities. Using Facebook advertising, you can pinpoint your exact audience and create ads that are specifically tailored to them.

We craft focused campaigns that speak to your potential customers, while weeding out those that aren’t relevant. Our team leverages Facebook’s robust targeting and ad formats to put your brand in front of your audience at the right time with the right message. Ultimately, this means more qualified traffic to your website, lower advertising costs, and better ROI.

Team up with the best Facebook advertising agency

You deserve the best, and we believe that’s us. But we’re not the only ones that think that — Facebook does too. We’re one of only a few providers that have been vetted by Facebook and achieved the coveted Facebook Marketing Partner status.

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, you can trust us to help you advertise your business online, sell your products and engage with customers more effectively. We’re also the first to know of any new Facebook features or updates, which our experts then use to optimise your campaigns for results

Featured Facebook Advertising Services Projects


400% Increase in Organic Traffic


917% Increase in total conversions

SK Group Oz

5150% Increase in impressions YoY

Our Facebook advertising approach

Facebook offers up a ton of advertising features for brands. Our job is to identify the right strategy and approach to grow your business online. Since our inception, we’ve helped countless partners see real results with our Facebook advertising services. We can’t wait to achieve the same outcomes for you.

Andrew Hou CEO & Co-Founder
Ivan Teh Digital Strategist & Co Founder
Jennifer Valverde People & Culture Manager
  1. 1. Discovery and audit

    We can’t wait to work with you! As your business partners, we want to find out everything there is to know about your company. We work hard to truly understand your objectives and your customers, as well as the competition and your overall industry. Our strategists will also audit any current or previous Facebook campaigns to see how you’re performing.

  2. 2. Facebook advertising strategy

    Now it’s time to hit the drawing board. We draw upon our learnings and expertise in order to develop a bespoke Facebook advertising strategy for your business. Your comprehensive strategy includes ad formats, targeting, creative recommendations, budgets, and more. Think of this as your blueprint for success.

  3. 3. Facebook ads development

    As soon as you give us the go-ahead for your Facebook ads strategy, we shift into high gear. Our Facebook strategists work with our design and content team to build compelling ads that get noticed for all the right reasons. We swiftly set up your campaigns and targeting, then put your campaigns live as soon as you’re happy with the creative.

  4. 4. Monitor and optimise

    We don’t disappear once your ads are up and running. Our team of Facebook ad experts constantly track your ad performance, making tweaks and optimisations for performance. Our only goal is to help you get the results you’re looking for. It’s what sets us apart as Australia’s leading Facebook advertising firm.

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Frequently asked questions

Who and what can I target with Facebook Advertising?

The possibilities are endless! Facebook has almost 3 billion monthly active users — over 16 million of which are in Australia — so your reach is limited only by your imagination (and your budget). If you want to reach the bulk of your target audience, Facebook Advertising is the way to do it.

If that didn’t sound amazing already, here’s some more great news: Facebook has one of the most comprehensive targeting capabilities on the planet. Millions of users log on to Facebook every single day and spend anywhere between 30 minutes to upwards of 4 hours. They follow pages, engage with content, review businesses, and communicate with their friends — and all of this means Facebook has tons of data. Businesses can then use this data to hone in on their specific target audience.

Here are just a few of the ways you can target users on Facebook:

  • Demographics, such as age, gender, education, job title and more.
  • Interests or hobbies
  • User behaviour, such as device usage or previous purchases
  • Location targeting, either by suburb, city, state or country
  • Connections and pages they have liked
  • Lookalike audiences that are similar to your existing customers

We know — it’s a lot to take in. That’s where the AdVisible team comes in. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we understand how to harness the powerful targeting capabilities of the platform to help businesses achieve results. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you reach your target customers with laser precision on Facebook.

How much budget should I allocate towards Facebook Advertising?

As much or as little as you like! Facebook Advertising works on an auction basis, which means you can set a bid for every customer action, such as a click or a follow. You determine how much you want to spend, either per click, per day, or across the lifetime of your ad. This means you’ll never blow your budget, and can easily scale it up or down as needed.

Generally speaking, most of our clients invest between $30 and $150 per day. However, this varies significantly depending on your targeting, goals, ad quality, industry, the competition, and more. It’s also important to bear in mind that the same amount of budget won’t deliver the same results over time. If you leave an ad untouched, it will perform more poorly over time, which means more wasted ad spend or even a higher cost-per-click. On the other hand, if you optimise your ads you’ll benefit from more conversions and better ROI with the same budget.

We know — it’s a lot to take in! That’s why our Facebook advertising experts are here to help. We can work with your budget and provide the best recommendations to optimise your ad spend for results. Drop us a line today for a free consultation.

What’s the difference between an ad and a boosted post?

Facebook Ads and boosted posts are not the same thing. A boosted post is a post that you have already shared on your social media page, that you promote with extra ad spend to reach more people. You can boost your post to your existing page followers, or choose to boost it to a broader audience using Facebook’s targeting capabilities.

On the other hand, Facebook ads are created through Facebook Ads Manager and offer more advanced customisation. Facebook ads include a number of different formats depending on your objectives: you can create an ad with a call-to-action that leads directly to your website, develop a carousel ad to showcase your new product range, or place ads directly in Facebook Messenger.

Both strategies have their benefits, and the best Facebook advertising services combine both formats to drive awareness, engagement, and conversions.

I’m currently running Facebook Ads. Why isn’t it converting?

It could be for a number of reasons. It’s hard to say for sure without deep-diving into your Facebook Ads account; however, there are some common mistakes that businesses make which can hinder ad performance.

Your Facebook Ads might not be converting because you’re not targeting the right people, or because your messaging isn’t quite resonating with your audience. Another issue that many businesses run into with Facebook Ads is bidding optimisation: if you’re not bidding enough or using the wrong bidding format for your objectives, you’ll struggle to see any real results from your campaigns. Then there’s the different ad formats, ad frequency, ad scheduling and more — the list of reasons goes on.

Here’s the key takeaway: it takes expertise and constant optimisation to build high-performing Facebook Ads campaigns that deliver outstanding ROI. If you want to drive qualified traffic, leads and sales, you need to set up your campaigns correctly, then monitor performance over time. The best way to do this is with a Facebook Marketing Partner, such as AdVisible. Facebook Marketing Partners are recognised by Facebook for their expertise and experience, and have a proven track record of delivering results.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses get more conversions with Facebook Ads, and we’d love to do the same for you. Take a look at some of our happy clients here, or contact us to get started.

What is Facebook Remarketing?

Facebook remarketing allows you to target previous visitors to your website on Facebook. It works by using a ‘pixel’ that you install on your site, which effectively identifies your website visitors by their Facebook account. With this information, you can target your website visitors with specific messaging based on the previous pages they have visited, the products they are interested in, and more.

The best way to explain this is with an example. Let’s say you’re an eCommerce retailer that sells sportswear. You’re making consistent sales, but some of your website visitors add an item to their cart and never reach the check out stage. If you have a Facebook pixel installed, you can retarget these customers on Facebook with a carousel ad that shows them the exact products they were interested in, or you can offer them an exclusive discount on their purchase. This keeps your brand top of mind with your customers, and means your products are showing up when your customers are ready to buy.

Why should I manage Facebook Ads with an agency, rather than in-house?

The answer is simple: for the expertise. A Facebook advertising agency brings specialist expertise that is difficult to replicate in-house.

Most brands — particularly small or medium businesses — don’t have the head count or budget to hire a full-time Facebook Advertising expert. As a result, their Facebook ads usually end up being run by a generalist digital marketing executive who is time-poor and has multiple platforms to juggle. As a result, their Facebook ads aren’t optimised for performance or, worse yet, they don’t invest in Facebook advertising services at all.

With an agency, you’re getting a dedicated team of Facebook Advertising specialists who live and breathe the platform. An agency who is recognised as a Facebook Marketing Partner (such as AdVisible) understands exactly how to set up, track and optimise your campaigns for performance. When you work with an agency, you also benefit from economies of scale. An agency might experiment with a new ad format with one company, then pass on those learnings to the rest of their Facebook advertising clients.

Last but not least, keep in mind that running Facebook Ads is not the same as running effective Facebook ads. An Facebook advertising agency is solely focused on getting you the results you deserve and are measured purely by their performance on that channel. If you aren’t getting results with your current Facebook ads agency, you can always opt to go to another provider who does know their stuff (like us).

Ready to get started? Contact us today to claim your free Facebook Ads consultation. We’ll show you how you can rack up more traffic, more sales, and more leads using the power of Facebook Advertising.