Forcast gets a glow up with a 1,039% Increase in Revenue from Non-Branded Search (PPC)

  • 0 Increase in Revenue
  • 0 Increase in Organic Keywords
  • 0 Increase in Impressions

Stats So Far

  • 182% increase in Impressions in 11 months (SEO)
  • 24.88% increase in New Organic Users YoY (SEO)
  • 218.89% increase in Ranking Organic Keywords in 7 months (SEO)
  • 227.46% increase in Paid Conversions (GA)
  • 876.19% increase in Transactions within 8 months, from non-branded campaigns (GA)
  • 1,039.94% increase in Revenue within 8 months, from non-branded campaigns (GA)
  • 445% increase in ROAS within 8 months, in non-branded campaigns (GA)
  • -64.92% reduction in Bounce Rate (SEO)
  • 1,500,000 in organic impressions in one month (SEO)


Since 1992, Forcast has been an Australian-owned fashion retailer for the savvy working woman. Contemporary work-to-date-wear, elegant dresses and timeless chic essentials define the brand, with high-quality fabric and flattering silhouettes that are easy to wear.

Forcast wanted to steal the show in organic and paid search results, for an online presence that would gain traction and convert. Through a combination, we strategically created campaigns that worked symbiotically to get Forcast there: with SEO to organically build Forcast’s visibility on SERPS and Google Ads to immediately increase traffic and conversions while our SEO efforts took time to take effect.

Our Approach


We employed a comprehensive approach to optimising Forcast’s website for the web with technical, on-page, and off-site SEO strategies. Our team of analysts and specialists worked together to clean up 404 errors, reduce page loading time, write copy for different clothing categories and build up a solid backlink profile that ultimately helped the site rank.

Google Ads

Forcast’s previous ad strategy focussed heavily on branded keywords. We changed the strategy to non-branded keywords for some of our campaigns, and targeted them towards popular search queries and hot sellers on the website, to further capitalise on the increased traffic that Forcast was getting from SEO. Our analysts monitored the campaign as it ran and further tightened focus with the data we received to maximise the ROAS for the client while minimizing ad spend to deliver incredible revenue growth!

Results So Far

1,039.94% Increase in Revenue
Within the span of 8 months of running Google Ads, our analysts achieved an amazing 1,039.94% increase in revenue from our non-branded campaigns. While results can fluctuate in a campaign, this still meant some phenomenal steadily growing results.
218.89% Increase in Organic Keywords
Through ranking keywords, clothing categories Forcast sold were beginning to move up or organically dominate the search results. As a result, the shopping retailer became much more visible for one of the hottest audiences online: individuals searching directly on Google for items they want to see or purchase!
182% Increase in Impressions
Our combined efforts in Google Ads (PPC) and SEO seized the spotlight that Forcast had been seeking. With so many eyes on Forcast’s gorgeous garments, together we’re looking forward to seeing bigger sales and engagement to come.

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