Entire Travel’s Connection Group’s Conversion Rate takes to the sky with a 400% increase!

  • 0 Increase in CTR
  • 0 Increase in conversion rate
  • 0 Increase in overall conversions


  • Increased average ad rank and positioning from #3 to #1 for primary keywords
  • Increased average click-through-rate (CTR) by 619%
  • Increased overall conversions by 270%
  • Increased conversion rate by 400%


With over 50 years in operation, Entire Travel Connection Group aims to provide memorable holiday experiences from the early planning stages to the end of their holiday. As a result, their travel advice services, product and knowledge make them a leading specialist and consistent business of choice for holiday-goers..

The client struggled to pinpoint the source of the leads they generated and the effectiveness of their Google AdWords campaigns. They turned to AdVisible to develop a PPC strategy that would provide them a higher ROI, increase their ad relevance and CTR as well as move their ad ranking to a more favourable position.

Our experts were more than ready to take on the challenge!

Our Approach

Google Ads

We presented a solution to gain more transparency and insights into the effectiveness of Entire Travel’s different advertising channels. By setting up individual tracking solutions for each channel, we would ensure all advertising sources were closely monitored and optimised to work efficiently together. This would lead to an increase in the client’s online marketing proficiency and identify which advertising channels were key in reaching their marketing goals. Some strategies we looked into included quality score optimisation,cross-platform tracking and increasing the client’s social media presence for good measure.

Results So Far

619% Increase in CTR
By optimising the client’s Google AdWords account with cross-platform tracking solutions, our analysts could successfully pinpoint where customers were entering and exiiting the website. This meant that the client, and our analysts, could properly keep track of Entire Travel’s Google Ads campaigns, and allocate ad spend on the ads getting the most engagement for higher returns.
400% Increase in conversion rate
Clicks weren’t all that our Google Adwords were getting. A 400% increase in conversion rate, in just 2 months, showed that an interested audience wasn’t just curious enough to click, but the right expectations and information was set out front to get a larger rate of people clicking through. This meant more leads, but also less ad spend wastage!
270% Increase in overall conversions
In just 2 months, our analysts managed to achieve a 270% increase in our conversions overall through our PPC management and optimisation. With the high ticket service on offer, this resulted in some serious returns for the client.

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