Popcar achieves an incredible 917% increase in total conversions

Popcar is a local car sharing company working towards changing the future of car ownership while improving the impact of transport for the Aussie community. Popcar offers an affordable Offering subscription-based car sharing service with no lock-in contracts, allowing customers access to a range of cars to drive by the hour, day or “only pay for what you use”.

With POPCAR hubs across Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Byron Bay, Pop has been steadily gaining popularity for its innovative car sharing app (averaging 4.6-stars in Google Play and Apple App Store) and industry-leading car sharing service. That said, Popcar comprehends the highly competitive market in their service industry i.e. Uber, Car Next Door, Zipcar, Turo, No Bird and other rental car service providers. Popcar required the assistance of a leading Australian digital marketing and advertising agency that could help them compete within the car sharing and rental industry and grow their brand presence online. AdVisible was here to help!

  • 917% Increase in total conversions
  • 346% Increase in total Clicks
  • +700% Clicks on average per month
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Popcar’s Objectives

  • Drive qualified traffic to their website using Google Ads

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  • Generate quality leads to improve the overall successful subscription numbers

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  • Improve brand awareness in the highly competitive car sharing and rental industry

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Strategy & Awareness

While Popcar succeeded in building an easy-to-use and high-performing app and delivering car sharing solutions for its clients, AdVisible’s marketing team observed that they also lacked the same level of expertise when it came to marketing their products to their clients.

The following were some concerns that Popcar were challenged with:

  1. Easy digital marketing penetration from competitors and threat of losing significant Impression shares
  2. Competitive nature of the car sharing and rental industry
  3. Heavily reliant on brand
  4. High bidding cost and inability to compete against more well established or larger car sharing and rental companies

After recognising these concerns, AdVisible proposed a Google Ads strategy that understood Popcar’s competitive car sharing industry, and the unique needs of their target audience. Doing so, our team would successfully address and rectify their online issues, and skyrocket their brand awareness and online growth.


Our Approach

Understanding Popcar & Audience Needs

Our first task at hand was understanding the ins-and-outs as well as the comparisons of the car sharing and car rental industry. Our GA experts deep dived into the history and future direction of the industry, and compared all audiences that Popcar that strived to target and any other potential audiences that they might have missed. Doing so also gave us a clearer scope of the client’s competition and what we were up against.

Optimised Keyword Research

Secondly, the AdVisible team conducted an in-depth keyword research that would link Popcar with the most relevant customers online that were actively searching for “car sharing” or “renting”. This included a keyword mapping involving a full keyword research around the client’s top 4 competitors. From there, we specifically targeted keywords that will be searched often by relevant customers with a suitable level of avg. CPC that was within their monthly budget.


Our Approach

Campaign Agile Structure

Our GA campaign was structured in a way that was based on the region’s Popcar services i.e. Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Byron Bay. This structure allowed campaigns to be able to react to service levels, location performance changes in order for the campaign budget to be redistributed accordingly. This proved to be effective during the Covid-19 lockdown as major cities across Australia mandated restrictions at different times, which allowed budgets to focus on campaigns that were less or not restricted by lockdowns. Additionally, audiences’ needs or perspective on car sharing varied across the target locations. Therefore with this structure, it allowed the team to deliver varying messages in the ads.


Results & Evaluation

When it came to results, AdVisible and Popcar steamrolled Popcar’s online progression. Comparing yearly results, our comprehensive GA campaign achieved 346% increase in total clicks, 917% increase in total conversions and 3417 clicks on average per month, 700%+ more than what was originally forecasted. Better yet, Popcar reached for the skies with a Top in Impression Share with a 85% Top Of Page Rate!


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