Catch Fitness gets massive gains - 171.46% increase in overall revenue for Catch Fitness

Catch Fitness is an online ecommerce store that specialises in providing high quality commercial gym equipment for fitness experts who require top-of-the-line fitness equipment to kit out their premises, or people looking for quality equipment for their at-home gym. While they have received excellent results with launching their Google Ads campaigns in the past they needed the assistance of qualified digital marketers to help structure and optimise their campaigns, and further strengthen their overall ROAS, and hit 1 million a month in revenue by the 6th month. So, they turned to AdVisible for guidance to kickstart a healthy Google Ads journey.

  • 231.07% Increase in ROAS
  • 171.47% Increase in overall in overall revenue
  • 215.02% Increase in transactions
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Catch Fitness’ Objectives

  • Drive qualified traffic to their website using Google Ads

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  • Optimise shopping and search campaigns to increase overall ROAS while reducing ad spend

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  • Improve brand awareness in the highly competitive gym equipment store space

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Strategy & Awareness

While Catch Fitness experienced successful campaigns before partnering with AdVisible, the client was unsure how to effectively optimise their campaigns to maximise ad spend and drive relevant traffic, and increase completed purchases online. We conducted a thorough audit on their Google Ads account and discovered several insights which negatively impacted Catch Fitness from driving relevant traffic to their website. Issues included:

  • Improper use of location ad targeting
  • Duplicated shopping product groups across different shopping campaigns caused ad targeting conflict
  • Lack of audience targeting to drive relevant traffic
  • Insufficient text ads and responsive search ads in some of their search ad groups

Prior to coming onboard, Catch Fitness were unable to recognise these problems, and that’s where AdVisible’s expertise came in!


Our Approach

Google Shopping & Conversion Tracking

We noticed there was confusion with Catch Fitness’s conversion tracking. The client had 3 types of conversions tracking the same action goal but delivered different values. This inhibited us to decipher which goal was tracking online purchases correctly. Our experts paused all irrelevant conversion goals, except Transactions and Google Shopping App Purchase. This allowed our team to help Catch Fitness attribute conversions accordingly, and pinpoint a more valid ROAS score. As a whole, it gave our experts a clearer picture of Catch Fitness’s revenue information.

Re-work Smart Shopping Campaigns

Our team then looked into Catch Fitness’s smart shopping campaigns and discovered duplicated smart shopping campaigns containing the same product groups. This caused targeting conflicts between the two shopping campaigns with cost-per-clicks (CPC’s) being affected due to differing budgets. We paused underperforming shopping campaigns that were duplicated, leaving one smart shopping campaign enabled. By analysing Catch Fitness’s data history, we then paused underperforming product groups that were driven by a low conversion rate and high CPC’s. This allowed the team to focus the client’s budget on better performing product groups.

Location Targeting

We then addressed Catch Fitness’s improper location targeting. From our Google account audit, we saw that 70-80% of their account campaigns didn’t have location targeting enabled. This in turn increased their risk of receiving online traffic from unwanted regions. We then enabled relevant location targeting across all campaigns, before adding negative locations across all campaigns to filter the risk of unwanted traffic, e.g. other countries.


Our Approach

New Bidding Strategy

We noticed Catch Fitness’s branded campaigns were running with a manual CPC bidding strategy. This somewhat outdated bidding strategy limited their ad spend to gather more impression share in Google’s search auction, resulting in low bids due to a set CPC bid for each created ad. We switched Catch Fitness’s branded campaign bidding strategy to an automated bidding strategy to maximise conversion performance by using Google Machine Learning. Machine learning analysed consumer behaviour of those who are most likely to convert, which essentially drives similar traffic to maximise Catch Fitness’s conversion performance while spending the campaign budget.

We had also switched some search campaigns that were on Target Cost-Per-Acquisition (Target CPA) bidding strategy to maximise conversions and identify which campaigns drove better conversion rates, and campaigns that had a high cost-per-acquisitions (CPA). Target CPA bidding strategies were implemented to high CPA campaigns to drive as many conversions as possible at, or below the target cost-per-action. Simultaneously, this strategy would help to reduce cost-per-leads using Google Machine Learning.

Enabled Audience Targeting

To help obtain a clearer understanding of Catch Fitness’s target audience and which clients drove high conversion rates, we enabled audience targeting. Our insights dictated that all campaigns had no observation audiences added. In response, we added the following in-market and affinity audiences including Health & Fitness Buffs, Sports & Fitness, Sporting Goods and Gyms to name a few. This gave us a clearer understanding of their audiences, helped us filter out irrelevant traffic and focus entirely on users who are most likely to click their ads and then convert.

Extended Text Ads & Responsive Search Ads

Our experts also recognised extended text ads and responsive search ads for Catch Fitness featured improper capitalisation and grammatical errors across most campaigns. Additionally, some ad groups only had one extended text ad, not giving any room for A/B testing different sorts of ads. We tidied this up with fresh new ad headlines and descriptions that allowed for improved A/B testing on future campaigns.


Results & Evaluation

In just shy of two months, Catch Fitness struck gold and AdVisible far exceeded their expectations. After tidying up their campaigns with consistent optmisations, AdVisible increased their overall revenue by 171.47%, achieved a 215.02% increase in transactions, and reduced overall costs by 18.05% by August 2021. We essentially drove their average ROAS up to 22.91, a 231.07% increase in ROAS, given that they received a 6.92 ROAS approximately before working with AdVisible. Furthermore, we were able to drive their average CPC to $0.57 (-40.99%)!


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