How Catch Fitness hustled for a 171.47% increase in overall revenue!

  • 0 Increase in Overall Revenue
  • 0 Increase in ROAS
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Project Overview

Catch Fitness is an online ecommerce store that specialises in providing high quality commercial gym equipment for fitness experts who require top-of-the-line fitness equipment to kit out their premises, and people looking for quality equipment for their at-home gym.

Our Proposal

While they had excellent results in launching their Google Ads campaigns prior to working with AdVisible, they needed our experts to further optimise their campaigns, strengthen their ROAS, and hit $1,000,000 a month in revenue by Q4 of 2021.


  • Drive qualified traffic to their website using Google Ads
  • Optimise shopping and search campaigns to increase overall ROAS while reducing ad spend
  • Improve brand awareness in the highly competitive gym equipment store space

Strategy & Awareness

After a thorough audit into Catch Fitness’s Google Ads account, our experts discovered the following insights;

  • Improper use of location ad targeting
  • Duplicated shopping product groups across different shopping campaigns
  • Lack of audience targeting to drive relevant traffic
  • Insufficient text ads and responsive search ads

Our Approach

Set up Google Shopping & Conversion Tracking properly

We paused irrelevant conversion goals, except Transactions and Google Shopping App Purchase. This;

  • Allowed us to attribute Catch Fitness’ conversions accordingly
  • Pinpoint a more valid ROAS score.

As a result, we deciphered which goals were tracking online purchases correctly.

Re-work Smart Shopping Campaigns

We discovered duplicated smart shopping campaigns containing the same product groups. This led to more expensive cost-per-clicks. We;
  • Paused underperforming duplicated shopping campaigns, leaving one smart shopping campaign enabled.
  • Paused product groups driven by a low conversion rate and high CPC’s.
This refocused budget on better performing budget groups, so popular products could really take centre stage!

Location Targeting

70-80% of the client’s campaigns didn’t have location targeting enabled. We;

  • Enabled relevant location targeting across all campaigns.
  • Added negative locations across all campaigns to filter unwanted traffic.

Doing so, we decreased Catch Fitness’s risk of receiving online traffic from unwanted regions. 

New Bidding Strategy

Catch Fitness’s campaigns ran with outdated manual CPC bidding strategies which limited their ad spend. We;

  • Looked into consumer behaviour more likely to drive traffic
  • Switched search campaigns on Target CPA bidding strategy to identify campaigns that drove higher cost-per-acquisitions.

By switching to an automated bidding strategy, we maximised conversion performance and reduced cost-per-leads!

Enabled Audience Targeting

Catch Fitness’s campaigns featured no observation audiences. We filtered irrelevant traffic by adding the following in-market audiences;

  • Health & Fitness Buffs, Sports & Fitness and Sporting Goods etc.

This strategy refocused on users who were most likely to click their ads and then convert. 

Extended Text Ads & Responsive Search Ads

Catch Fitness’s campaigns featured grammatical errors across multiple extended text ads and responsive search ads. In response, we;

  • Implemented fresh new ad headlines and descriptions

This much-needed tidy up allowed for improved A/B testing on all future campaigns.

Results So Far

171.47% Increase in Overall Revenue
With consistent optimisations across all campaigns, our Google Ads experts increased Catch Fitness's overall revenue by 171.47% in just shy of two months!
231.07% Increase in ROAS
Did you say a new average ROAS? What was originally a 6.92ROAS, AdVisible managed to increase Catch Fitness's ROAS by 231.07%+, driving their average CPC to $0.57!
215.02% Increase in Transactions
As a result of our perseverance, our Google Ads experts also managed to achieve a 215.02% increase in Catch Fitness's online completed transactions. Now that's online growth!

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