How Sydney Tattoo Convention Sold Out 3000 Tickets

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Project Overview

Sydney Tattoo Convention has never been hosted before. A Sydney tattoo event created by tattoo artists (Thirteen Feet Tattoo), for tattoo artists – it was an event that was sure to resonate with the right people in Sydney. If it could get in front of the right people, enough times.

The challenge was, that it had such a short time to get in front of the right audience and get them to convert. The campaign was launched exactly one month before the date of the event. Our time to get results was very limited.

Our Proposal

Compared to the Australian Tattoo Expo, which in 2023 has celebrated its 14th year, the Convention also didn’t have long-standing brand equity to back them. As its first-ever launch, it also had a tight budget and shorter marketing period while holding high expectations to sell out a high amount of tickets. But as one of Australia’s leading digital marketing agencies, we were up to the challenge. Our Paid Media team knew that through setting up the right parameters, targeting interested audiences and optimising as we go we could deliver them the high ticket sales and ROI that they craved – even within the tight deadlines.

Our Approach

Google Ads

Sydney Tattoo Convention had a limited time and budget to max out conversions. Here is where Google Ads shines. The client gave us some information about the audience they wanted to target: those interested in getting a tattoo, held an interest in seeing tattoo art, people looking to find new artists and tattoo artists themselves. To get the best results in the time period we had, we conducted further research into audience groups to broaden our net.

Pairing these new targets with our keyword research and our experience with monitoring Google Ads, we set up different Google Ad campaigns and optimised as we went to maximise conversions and reduce ad spend. This gave Sydney Tattoo Convention lean, high-punching Google Ad campaigns that continued to gain in profitability over time.

Social Media Ads

While Google Ads would help us target an active hot audience, Social Ads would help us target a hot audience where they roamed, scrolled and relaxed. Here is where we could use the strengths of the Sydney Tattoo Convention’s dynamic visuals to create rich, authentic and vivid creatives that would get their target market to stop the scroll. We created ads that showcased their tattoo artists, the beauty of their tattoos and the culture and community around tattoo artistry.

Results So Far

2,445% ROAS in Google Ads
When it came to how effective our Google Ads were, the proof was really in the pudding. Our Google Ads campaigns commanded a massive 2,445% achieving an exponential return for the amount put into ad spend. Easily paying for itself, and so much more.
894% ROAS in Social Ads
Social media ads would also prove to be an efficient strategy to fan up the spark for those who needed a bit more of a push to what was waiting for attendees besides the landing page. Our Meta ads both competed for the attention of new potential customers and combined their strength with Google Ads to convert those still floating in the funnel.
920,425 Total Impressions in 30 days
We had a set target for ticket sales: 3000. We achieved this in just 30 days. The rest of the tickets were sold at the door over the 3 days of the convention, where they got sold out!

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