App Boxer Punches Above Its Weight In Google Search

With offices in Melbourne & Sydney, App Boxer gained credibility for its innovative application development solutions for both enterprises and small businesses. Rated 5-stars consistently on Google Reviews, App Boxer was renowned for their high-performing applications that offered incredible user experience and streamlined a business’s marketing objectives.

App Boxer needed the assistance of an experienced digital marketing agency that comprehended the mechanics of B2B transactions. They tasked AdVisible to create a stunning website that allowed newcomers and long-standing business owners to navigate their app development services more efficiently, drive qualified traffic and generate quality leads to improve App Boxer’s overall revenue.

  • 545% Yearly growth
  • 101% Increase in organic conversions in 4 months
  • 125% Increase in overall impressions
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App Boxer’s Objectives

  • Drive qualified traffic to their website using SEO

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  • Generate quality leads to improve the overall revenue

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  • Improve brand awareness in the highly competitive app development space

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Strategy & Awareness

While App Boxer succeeded in building high-performing app solutions for its clients, we observed that they lacked the same level of innovation when marketing their products to their clients.

We conducted an in-depth website audit, deep-diving into the business’s competitive market and marketing objects. We found that App Boxer had a leaky ‘marketing funnel’, leading to the company’s decline in conversions. Our team’s goal was straightforward- ‘plug’ the holes and fix App Boxer’s marketing funnel, ensure no more qualified leads leaked out and work around App Boxer’s website user experience issues. Our strategy would re-establish App Boxer’s pipeline, increase conversions, and expand online reach to other enterprises requiring their app development services.


Our Approach

Optimised keyword mapping

App Boxer’s distracting motion graphics lead to poor user experience and website optimisation, which made it difficult for users to navigate to essential information about the brand’s products. Our experts reinforced their pre-written content with extensive optimised keyword mapping, using keywords specific to App Boxer’s products such as search terms like “mobile app development” and “app developers sydney”. Doing so assured prospects within the conversion stages of the funnel that they were in the right place and ensured they were willing to convert into leads.

SEO content expansion

Our second goal was refining App Boxer’s current website content using targeted and relevant keywords for crucial pages, including App Boxer’s home page and native app development page. We added valuable FAQ content, compiling the most common questions asked by users with concise and to-the-point answers. Not only did this strategy provide more SEO-enriched content for long-time clients, but it also attracted prospects who were most likely to convert into leads. FAQ content also provided useful information to top-funnel users, who were looking for services from reliable Sydney app developers but had little knowledge of the topic.

Core web vitals optimisation

In response to the most recent Google algorithm update in July, our experts also looked into web vital optimisations to improve App Boxer’s website user experience, a big ranking factor on Google search engine. Our web developers looked into metrics such as first input delay, overall visual stability, mobile stability, First Contentful Paint (FCP), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), and any intrusive interstitials which could cause major security issues on App Boxer’s website to improve usability and increase speed index. Doing so, our web developers increased App Boxer’s website’s performance score by 92 and improved several key metrics.

High-quality link building

App Boxer’s existing domain rating was already sitting at an impressive “47”. Our SEO analysts needed to be extra cautious to ensure that the links we built for them were of high quality while improving the company’s current DR rating. To target high-quality link building, we leveraged App Boxer’s existing website authority and high domain rating to rank for the relevant keywords with the highest competition.


Results & Evaluation

Results for App Boxer’s SEO campaign skyrocketed. By February 2021, we had achieved 117% reach on focus keywords with App Boxer outranking competitors with the following search terms including “App development agency”, “App development Sydney” and for “App designer” Meanwhile, overall impressions on average also improved by 125%.

By optimising asset files like gif animations to mp4 files, content loaded at a more efficient rate, our web developers reduced App Boxer’s original 500 script-heavy code to a manageable 27 lines. Meanwhile, in AdVisible’s response to Google’s new algorithm change in July, our web developers successfully increased App Boxer’s website’s performance score by 92 and improved several key metrics including speed Index, largest contentful painting, time to interactive and total blocking time to name a few.

These fantastic results culminated in an all-time high monthly record for App Boxer’s organic conversions with a 101% increase over 4 months and a 545% yearly growth.


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