How this ready-made meal delivery business achieved an incredible 2,300% ROI on SEO

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Project Overview

Whether it’s a university student or a mother of two, there’s no denying that people across the country are time-poor and therefore struggling to prepare fresh, healthy meals. Macros helps Aussies take control of their wellbeing and be at their personal best with nutritious, dietitian-designed, chef-made meals delivered fresh to their door.

Our Proposal

In recent years, competition has exploded in the ready-made meal delivery industry. Macros believed they had a superior product — now it was time to increase their brand awareness, increase traffic and conversions through their website, and bring the Macros lifestyle to more people around the country.


  • Improve brand awareness and credibility in the digital space
  • Boost rankings for targeted and competitive keywords
  • Drive qualified traffic to the website to convert
  • Increase sign-ups for Macros’ meal delivery service

Strategy & Awareness

Advisible proposed a highly targeted SEO strategy to Macros. To organically increase their visibility on Google and better reach their target audience. This strategy would take in a systematic approach to touch on any areas of SEO improvement on the site that we could find;

  • Deep-dive into Macros data vs competitors
  • Find and use niche long-tail keywords
  • Reinforce their point of difference through the website

Our Approach

Keyword Research

Macros were previously struggling to get their website to get the attention that it deserved on Google with the fierce competition heating up on the SERPS. We combated this with;

  • High volume search generic keywords to drive traffic
  • Long tail keywords for traffic more likely to convert
  • Niche keywords to help target health and fitness experts

Which helped best position the company to rank higher in search results!

Technical SEO

Having the right keywords in place was not enough, if users would come onto a slow or hard navigate website they would likely bounce. Our SEO conducted a full technical tune-up;

  • Sitemap to improve navigation for web crawlers and human users
  • Improved website speed
  • Optimised the site for Google’s indexing system

The result? More traffic, less bounce!

On Page SEO

The layout and relevancy of web pages was another integral part of our digital marketers complete SEO strategy. Here we;

  • Created useful and relevant content under popular searches
  • Ensured a clean sleek look throughout all the pages
  • Optimised Meta Descriptions, Meta Titles & Urls

This made sure the site’s appearance was professional and credible.

Link Building

To become a real competitor in the space, our team knew we needed to build up Macros’ credibility and influence through Google’s E-A-T.

  • Built backlinks from reputable sites
  • Created content to enhance Macros’ nutritional information

By link building and creating new information, the company could become more trusted by Google and Visitors.

Keyword Tracking

We didn’t stop after implementing the new changes for great SEO on the website, we;

  • Monitored keyword search ranking
  • Stayed on top of emerging keyword trends
  • Adapted with new algorithm changes

This allowed us to adjust and seize new ground with any changes online!

Keyword Mapping

Our SEO analysts implemented target and long-tail keywords through a comprehensive keyword mapping plan, this looked like;

  • Easier keyword monitoring
  • Content pages that were faster and painless to adapt
  • More persuasive category pages

The benefits were twofold: easier for us to adapt and more engaging content for users!

SEO Research

Results So Far

1651% Increase in Overall Revenue
We achieved our objective of increased sign-ups and lots of qualified traffic with an impressive 1651% rise in overall revenue that the company made in a one year period.
2300% Increase in ROI
We made sure Macros money invested in their online presence was well spent. The results were phenomenal, with the ROI increasing by 2300% in one year of our SEO strategy.
1156% Increase in Organic Sessions
Macros have made leaps and bounds in its SERP results, as well as engaging user behaviour on the website. This has seen organic sessions on the website rocketing up by 1156%

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