How Waste Initiatives skyrocketed website traffic and conversions by over 150%

Within the past few years, we have become increasingly aware of the dangers caused by the mismanagement of waste. We are now faced with dealing with past accumulations of waste and also with the tremendous task of establishing new solutions to combat the ever-increasing amount of waste produced by businesses. Waste Initiatives helps the world be a better place with comprehensive and effective waste management.

Waste Initiative required help with their digital marketing to maximise this opportunity to prove how versatile they are across all industries and no waste management problem is too hard for them to handle. Waste Initiatives had previously dealt with inexperienced digital agencies and consultants who had not provided them with a marketing strategy to take their business to the next level. We were keen to turn this around for our client and provide them with advice which would exemplify the possibilities and potential of their business in these critical times.

  • +156% Increase in traffic
  • +150% Increase in conversions
  • +162.97% Increase in conversion rate
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Waste Initiatives’ Objectives

  • Establish the brand as professional and reputable in the online space

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  • Drive leads and conversions using organic and paid search

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  • Ensure consistency of the brand and message across all platforms

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  • Boost engagement with existing and potential clients via social media

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The Strategy and Approach

Our clear-cut strategies provided our client with a plan to generate positive ROAS and also provided Waste Initiatives with a marketing roadmap that would give them a more professional and reputable brand. To achieve these results, we increased brand awareness, conversions and lead generation across Google, Facebook, Instagram and LInkedIn. Simultaneously, we maintained consistency of the brand and message across all platforms to further strengthen our results.


Website Design

With the success of the immediate increase in conversions driven by Google Ads, we encouraged the client to revamp their website, as their previous website was not an accurate reflection of the business. In redesigning this site, AdVisible and the Waste Initiatives team engaged in a comprehensive analysis of the potential website user experience. We considered the new, younger audience our campaign had attracted as well as enquiry types and the audience personas for this business.

In addition, we showcased their range of products, capabilities, smooth user flow to conversions (i.e. call to actions buttons, enquiry forms, clickable phone numbers, emails and click to call). Most importantly, their new design demonstrated to their audience that they were the industry leaders in waste management.


Google Ads

When it came to Google Ads, we structured their campaigns to highlight their extensive range and state-of-the-art equipment for any situation by creating specific campaigns for individual equipment types. This allowed us to focus on customers who already have an idea of what their waste situation is and the equipment they are looking for. Based on our extensive research, competitor analysis and initial campaigns, we redirected focus from the perceived target demographic to a younger demographic (25-54, female, managers, C-suite and E-assistants), which we found had greater conversions.



Waste Initiative became dissatisfied with their SEO provider, as the Google Ads traffic conversion results were superseding the SEO traffic. As a result, they turned to AdVisible. We utilised SEMrush to analyse backlinks, drop in ranked keywords and review competitor insights, and quickly found that the previous SEO agency utilised ‘black hat’ or unprofessional practises, which resulted in Waste Initiatives being penalised and dropping in rankings. Over the next three months, we reconfigured their SEO, which resulted in some website ranking fluctuations, as we slowly discontinued previous linking techniques. Using white-hat, sustainable strategies like on-page SEO, Waste Initiative ranking and conversions from organic search began to consistently grow.


Social Media

As their success continued, there was an opportunity to expand this growth. Over six months, we took the time to re-educate the Waste Initiatives team on the advantages of a social media presence. We discussed the sales cycle, touchpoints, and how engagement with digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin worked. We also explained how we analysed our data to give them marketing insights and information about their customer base. Understanding their own engagement with the digital world also allowed the Waste Initiatives team to grasp how vital their social media marketing strategy was to their business, and how conversion paths worked on these platforms.


Results So Far

Waste Initiatives has been going from strength to strength as results consistently improve month by month. From the beginning of last year, their website traffic and conversions have both increased by 150%. When lockdowns were implemented due to Covid-19, they still steadily increased traffic and conversions by 50%.


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