How My Muscle Chef achieved 300% gains in revenue in 18 months

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Project Overview

My Muscle Chef is a nutritious meal plan delivery service designed for busy working professionals that wanted fresh, ready-made meals that counted for protein, carbs, fat and calories.

As a newer business, they wanted to increase their brand awareness, add more traffic to their website, increase conversion rates and create a strong, credible name in the competitive climate of the health and fitness industry — and they approached us to make it happen.

Our Proposal

More competitors are emerging in the meal prep space, and My Muscle Chef wanted to stand out a cut above the rest. Our main goal was to show users that the My Muscle Chef website was a trusted and knowledgeable voice in the health and fitness industry, while also demonstrating how an efficient meal plan delivery service could enhance their lives.

We worked closely with the team at My Muscle Chef to devise a creative digital marketing approach to meet their goals, which included a redesigned website that was optimised for SEO, and an AdWords campaign that was designed to drive customers back to the My Muscle Chef website to convert.


  • Increase brand awareness online
  • Drive qualified traffic to their website
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Build a strong, credible name in the highly competitive health and fitness industry

Strategy & Awareness

My Muscle Chef’s website is their primary point of contact so it was essential that customers would find a convenient, easy-to-understand user journey that ultimately led to a sale. We combined a website redesign with an intelligent remarketing, search and display digital marketing strategy that would also result in users spending more time on their website.

Ultimately, this would lead to a greater chance of them signing up for the meal plan delivery service.

Our Approach

SEO Website Content

My Muscle Chef needed a knowledgable presence online that made it easier for customers to interact with the website to achieve their health and fitness goals with their orders. We worked on building credibility through;

  • SEO content on categories with keywords
  • Valuable & thorough FAQ answers to help guide users

This helped drive more and longer user browsing sessions on the website!

Keyword Mapping

We sought to further add to the persuasiveness of My Muscle Chef’s brand propositions and credibility on the website with;

  • Fortified the company’s content and messages with keyword mapping
  • Used high volume keywords to create pages on details users would want to know more about

These changes helped make sure users feel informed and assured for a lower bounce rate!

UX Design

The website was the main paint of contact for the brand. More competitors in the ready made healthy meal space meant that My Muscle Chef’s website needed to stick out with a sleeker, more appealing design;

  • Added entrypoints to products or programs on the main page
  • Optimised purchase pages for desktop and mobile use

By doing this, we made the website more engaging and pushed up conversion rates!

Search and Display Remarketing

Qualified traffic was an important objective of getting the highest ROAS for My Muscle Chef’s marketing budget and ad spend. Thus, part of the answer was remarketing;

  • Created display banner ads targeted towards a ‘hot’ or an audience already interested in the brand

Remarketing helped build trust and familiarity, but most importantly – it converts!

Audience Targeting

My Muscle Chef’s campaigns audience targeting needed some fine-tuning. With research, our team;

  • Targeted interested target audience
  • Filter out irrelevant traffic unlikely to convert

Helping save money and push My Muscle Chef’s marketing to qualified users.

Keyword Research

Advisible partnered with My Muscle Chef to gain their approval on keywords and SEO strategy to ensure;

  • The keywords would be valuable and assuredly relevant

Results So Far

300% Increase in Overall Revenue
Advisible and My Muscle Chef together have created a sales and revenue increase of more than 300%. Due to this rapid expansion, My Muscle Chef is upsizing their production warehouse to facilitate growth for their ever-growing service.
82.4% Increase in ROAS
In one year, AdVisible achieved phenomenal results for My Muscle Chef's ad spend with an overall ROAS of 82.4%. Surely achieving our campaign's objective to improve the client's conversion rates.
92.8% Increase in Transactions
In 12 months, they saw a 92.8% increase in sales. Together, with our marketing campaign, we delivered tangible results far beyond their expectations and established a brand reputation for My Muscle Chef that far outlasted the campaign itself.

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