NDIS Registered Service Provider earns +712% increase in impressions

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Project Overview

Bridges Alliance is a registered NDIS disability services provider in NSW. The group offers end-to-end disability services for families living with impaired individuals, including Support Coordination, Respite Services, Long Term Accommodation Services, Independent Living Options and more. However, Bridges Alliance lacked the online presence they deserved. As a result, their services and positive social impact weren’t being efficiently advertised, resulting in a decline in quality leads. Bridges Alliance tasked AdVisible to create an online strategy that outlined NDIS provider community dynamics, expanded their growth and social impact while increasing enquiries for disability support services.

Our Proposal

Our central focus was to help Bridges Alliance establish a stronger presence in South Western Sydney with our digital marketing prowess. However, their disability support services weren’t being efficiently advertised to new and long-time customers.

We suggested the following;


Google Ads

  • Drive qualified traffic to their website using Google Ads
  • Increase number of online enquiries


  • Improve keyword reach and brand awareness
  • Increase online organic traffic and impressions overall
  • Increase organic conversions and double the non-branded impressions on SERPs

Strategy & Awareness

We developed a Google Ads and SEO strategy that was guaranteed to expand Bridges Alliance’s online growth. We would;

  • Deep-dive into the NDIS community.
  • Conduct keyword research linking with the most relevant customers.
  • Target keywords searched by relevant customers within set budgets.
  • Reconfigure website metadata and service pages with top-tier content.

Our Approach

Google Ads: Keyword Research

Our experts implemented Search Campaigns that included more keywords and match types. This:

  • Controlled ad spend and limited unwanted clicks.
  • Pinpointed suitable keywords for each ad group.

Doing so, we strengthened new ads to reach potential customers with the highest intent!

SEO Research

Google Ads: Search Campaigns

Our experts chose the best services that were guaranteed to perform well. We;

  • Structured Bridges Alliance’s Google Ads account.
  • Targeted local customers actively searching for their services at lower costs.

By refining search campaigns, we boosted the search volume for every NDIS service that Bridges Alliance offered.

SEO: Leveraging Google My Business

To improve Bridges Alliances’s CTR listing, we looked into;

  • Service-related keywords
  • NAP consistency checks
  • Service areas

By leveraging the client’s Google My Business listing, we successfully encouraged them to seek more from existing customers!

SEO: Optimised Bridges Alliance metadata

We reconfigured Bridges Alliance’s website metadata based on;

  • their search volumes,
  • current competition and,
  • user search intent with relevant keywords. This;

Our optimisation tactics outlined the client’s most crucial NDIS services and pushed their website to Google’s SERP’s top 5!

SEO: Keyword-enriched site content

NDIS service providers like Bridges Alliance offer complex individualised support services to help people with disabilities. We made website content more readable and user-friendly by;

  • Implementing keyword-enriched FAQs
  • Updated website content with high-intent search terms

This helped their website rank higher in Google search results, and make content more relevant to top-funnel users.

SEO: High-quality Link Building

Our SEO experts ensured that Bridges Alliance reaped the benefits of the best  Google white-hat practices. We developed;

  • Quality inbound links for users to find the Bridges Alliance website.

Doing so, we expanded their online reach and online traffic. 

Results So Far

840% Increase in non-branded impressions overall for SEO
No other campaign can compete with how quickly we are taking over the NDIS service provider industry. In six months, we jumped from 3,000 to 28,600 average monthly impressions (840%) with our comprehensive SEO strategy.
900%+ Organic Traffic for SEO
By appealing to popular search engines, Bridges Alliance's keyword reach more than quadrupled over six months with organic traffic increasing by 45% with a 900% YoY jump.
712% Increase in impressions for Google Ads
By refining their Google Ads account and implementing a more structured methodology, our experts exceeded Bridges Alliance’s forecasted results and gained +712% Increase in impressions!

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