NDIS Registered Service Provider earns +712% increase in impressions

Bridges Alliance is a registered NDIS disability services provider in NSW. The group offers complete services for families living with impaired individuals, including Support Coordination, Respite Services, Long Term Accommodation Services, Independent Living Options and more. However, they have facilities across NSW. Bridges Alliance wanted to establish a more substantial presence in South Western Sydney, including Campbelltown, Camden and the Macarthur region, Liverpool, Fairfield and Canterbury-Bankstown.

However, despite their success in the NDIS industry, little could be said about their online presence. With little focus on Digital Marketing, Bridges Alliance’s services and positive social impact weren’t being efficiently advertised, resulting in a decline in quality leads and poor online presence. Bridges Alliance required a leading Australian digital marketing & advertising agency that could comprehend the NDIS provider community dynamics and incorporate it into an online strategy. They turned to AdVisible to establish an online presence, further expanding their growth and social impact while increasing enquiries for their services.

  • +712% Increase in Impressions
  • +695% Increase in Clicks
  • +700% increase in Conversions
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Bridges Alliance's Clients Objectives

  • Drive qualified traffic to their website using Google Ads

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  • Generate quality leads to improve the overall revenue

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  • Improve brand awareness in the highly competitive NDIS provider community

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Strategy & Awareness

We discovered that the Bridges Alliance team initially attempted their own Google Ads strategy using the Google Smart Campaign. Although a Google Smart Campaign can be beneficial and an excellent start for new users, this strategy would be inefficient and costly as this was their very first campaign. Therefore, their Google Ads system would not have any preliminary data to leverage and to learn from. From this crucial insight, the AdVisible team would have to do the following:

Google Ads:

  1. First, understand the NDIS community and their most critical needs from families and caretakers supporting individuals with impairments. From this knowledge, we would:
  2. Conduct keyword research that would link our experts with the most relevant customers online searching for NDIS provider services.
  3. From there, specifically, target keywords searched often by relevant customers and within Bridges Alliance set budget.

From this Google Ads strategy, we aim to achieve less cost and maximise potential traffic.


Strategy & Awareness


  1. Reconfigure Bridges Alliance’s website metadata to push their most important NDIS services.
  2. Implement keyword-enriched site content, including FAQs to make content more relevant to top-funnel users, while pushing Bridges Alliance’s website to the first page on Google SERP.
  3. Leverage the client’s My Google Business to improve CTR.
  4. Implement high-quality link building to boost Bridges Alliance’s online credibility as a leading NDIS provider.

Our Approach

Google Ads

Keyword Research

AdVisible had a robust and thorough process to research and pick the best keywords that perfectly fit into Bridges Alliance’s monthly budget.

A critical component of any Google Ads campaign is the keywords used in the ads and the bidding system. Unlike Google Smart Campaigns that recommends using up to 10 keywords “themes”, Search Campaigns allowed our AdVisible experts to include more keywords with the ability to choose which keyword match type we would like to use. This allowed our team to control the client’s ad spend more and limit the number of unwanted clicks. Subsequently, coupled with suitable keywords for each ad group strengthens Bridges Alliances’ new ads to reach potential customers with the highest intent to enquire about their offered NDIS services (conversion).

Search Campaigns

Bridges Alliance offers various NDIS services for disabled persons, but per the data from their keyword research in their Google Ads account, there was not enough search volume to create a campaign for each of them. Plus, our AdVisible experts also had to consider their budget. As a registered NDIS provider, our experts would have to choose Bridges Alliance’s best services that are guaranteed to perform well and achieve their set long-term goals. In response, we implemented a structured methodology so that their Google Ads account became more organised and easy to manage in the long run while also allowing their account to specifically target customers actively searching for their NDIS services at lower cost and higher returns.


Our Approach


Optimising Bridges Alliance metadata

Our SEO analysts optimised Bridges Alliance’s website metadata based on their search volumes, current competition, and user search intent using relevant keywords to specific keywords. We aimed to emphasise the most crucial NDIS services the client offered and help push their website to the front page of Google search results.

Keyword-enriched site content

NDIS service providers can offer various unique services and individualised support for people living with disabilities and their families. Each service, such as support coordination or short-term disability accommodation, has its special requirements and features.

Consequently, this makes navigating through pages upon pages of NDIS services challenging to digest, especially for top-funnel users who are actively searching for NDIS services but have little knowledge on how they work. In response, we made site content more readable to Bridges Alliance’s target audience by implementing keyword-enriched FAQ content. This content was based on the most commonly asked questions referring to such services and incorporated main keywords throughout the content while avoiding keyword stuffing. We aimed to help the client’s website rank higher in search results and more relevant to top-funnel users.

Leveraging Google My Business

We continued our optimisation tactics and leveraged Bridges Alliance’s Google My Business listing. We achieved this tactic by adding service related keywords, NAP (Name, address, phone number) consistency check, and adding service areas to encourage the client to seek more reviews for GMB from the existing customers. This would help improve the CTR of the listing.

High-quality Link Building

Our AdVisible experts relied on one of the best SEO strategies to improve Bridges Alliances’s overall visibility- gaining high-quality backlinks from high-authority websites. We built inbound quality links and developed citations to encourage users to find the Bridges Alliance website in various places online to increase the chances of organic traffic to their website while expanding their online reach.


Results & Evaluation

Google Ads

In 5 months, Bridges achieved staggering results for their Google Ads channels. Instead of the client’s forecasted 250% increase in clicks and impressions for the first six months of the GA campaign, AdVisible obtained a +712% increase in impressions and +695% increase in clicks to Bridges Alliance’s website, with an additional +700 increase in conversions (enquiries).


As with their Google Ads campaign, AdVisible’s SEO team rallied together to bring it home strong for Bridges Alliance’s comprehensive SEO strategy. The client’s keyword reached more than quadrupled over six months with organic traffic increased by 45%) with a 900% YoY jump. Organic conversions jumped by 120% overall whilst non-branded impressions climbed by 840% in two months from 3,000 to 28,600 average monthly impressions.


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