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Project Overview

There aren’t many names as easy to recognise as Signarama Burswood in the signage industry. They already were doing pretty well with brand awareness, which meant they were able to get along for a while without investing in a complete digital presence. When the opportunity arose to invest and expand with this next step, with our own result proven record, Signarama Burswood reached out to us.

Our Proposal

We loved working with Signarama Burswood. They were a blank canvas with zero prior digital experience. Therefore, we went with a three-prong approach consisting of a website re-design, Google Ads and SEO to comfortably carry customers through the sales funnel – from identifying a need to completing the transaction.


  • Establish an online presence with a new website
  • Drive targeted traffic to their website with optimised Google AdWords campaigns
  • Improve brand awareness and visibility with an SEO strategy
  • Increase leads and conversions to support a complete online sales journey

Strategy & Awareness

We saw a lot of value that we could bring the company as digital marketer professionals and we were eager to get to work. After an extensive audit of their website, the issues we found were:

  • Outdated website layout
  • Many visually similar and font heavy images
  • Weak website and online presence
  • Poor performing (and high costing) Google Ads

Our Approach

Website Design Update

Signarama Burswood’s initial website had a more dated, vertical column-focused feel. To increase conversions, we knew we needed to make it more appealing to a growing demographic of younger professionals;

  • Fresh modern layouts that worked great for desktop and mobile
  • Put an enquiry form top of the screen for a fast CTA for busy professionals

Making the website more attractive, engaging and easy to use!

More Engaging CTAs

Our client wanted conversions, so to deliver we knew we needed to make our CTAs more appealing than ever. Our plan;

  • Divided the page to add information above every CTA
  • Added supporting imagery above every CTA
  • Made the phone number always accessible

This helped increase the conversion rate by 58.4%!

Keyword Trend Research

We identified hot keyword trends through research, that helped refine our Google Ads and SEO strategy. Thus we;

  • Created campaigns around top sellers
  • Added more relevant longtail keywords to SEO copy

The result? More qualified traffic and 97% longer session times!

Location Targeting

We wanted to make our Google Ad campaign as effective as possible for our client, so we used location targeting to cut down on CPC;

  • Narrowed down targeting to Burswood & surrounding suburbs

In addition to audience targeting, this helped cut down costs!

Meta Data Optimisation

Google webcrawlers doesn’t just read what’s ‘on the page’, so to rank well we also focussed on meta tags;

  • Added keywords to meta titles and descriptions
  • Added qualifying missing data to webpages
  • Cleaned up back end data

This resolved this issue so the website could bump up organically.

SEO Content Creation

Our SEO experts didn’t stop there. We led a keyword mapping strategy that;

  • Added new category pages
  • Planned and created new content for SEO

This strategy paid off with a 207% increase in session times!

Results So Far

58.4% Increase in Conversion Rate
Signarama Burswood weren't sure what to expect when we started their digital marketing campaign, and they have been pleasantly surprised, to say the least. They are now an industry leader in Perth, with a significant portion +58.4%! of their customers coming through their online channels.
78% Increase in ROI
We wanted to make sure that this new venture would be profitable for them, as a business that was still new to digital. Through an audience targeted website update, smart targeting Adwords and extensive keyword research, we made this sales funnel primed to deliver.
134% Increase in Users
New traffic was important for new growth, with new customers. Through SEO to optimise the website organically and Google Ads to immediately start gaining traffic, new users really came to the website with a 134% increase through the campaign!

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