An Ink-spiring 144 Conversions Achieved for Thirteen Feet Tattoo in 1 month of Google Ads alone

  • 0 Over 194,000 impressions
  • 0 Increase in Organic Clicks
  • 0 Google Ad conversions monthly average

Stats So Far

  • SEO: 89 keywords raised to the top 3 positions 
  • Google Ads: 2920 average monthly clicks
  • Google Ads: 144 conversions in one month
  • Social Media: 194,303 impressions
  • Social Media: 82,880 reach
  • Social Media: 1,213 average website visits 
  • Google Ads and SMA: Reaching 79,980 Accounts in only one month 
  • Four successful campaigns that ran between Newtown, CBD and Branded sites 


Established in 2017, this studio is home to a team of talented artists who specialise in various styles, from traditional tattoos and portrait designs to realism and fine lines.

Thirteen Feet Tattoos has taken the tattoo experience to the next level by digitising the booking and decision-making process, making it super convenient for customers. To propel their success further, they partnered with us to increase their bookings, both walk-in and online, and to raise overall brand awareness.

We developed a marketing plan focused on social media because tattoos are all about the visuals. Our approach has been highly influential in driving traffic and creating evergreen conversion rates. But that’s not all. We also used Google Ads and SEO integration to boost organic traffic and conversion rates.

Our Approach

Social Media

Tattoos are primarily a visual art form, so promoting them on a platform emphasising visual appeal makes sense. We prioritised social media as it provides an ideal way to connect with Thirteen Feet Tattoo’s audience, allowing potential customers to envision and explore future tattoo ideas. Our social media team ran an awareness campaign concurrently with a remarketing campaign to attract new customers and those who have already expressed interest in the craft. We then closely monitored the performance of our ads to optimise them with new data over time.

Google Ads

Our analysts shifted the marketing approach from focusing on branded campaigns to creating location-specific campaigns and then to general campaigns. This allowed us to reach new and diverse audiences while enhancing the experience for existing customers. We used all our channels, from Facebook to website visitors, to ensure a broader scope of market interest and expand our overall digital presence.


The team aimed to increase conversion rates and improve rankings for various tattoo styles. To achieve this goal, the analysts decided to employ a strategy to create new pages for tattoo styles and service pages containing blog content.

The focus was on using keywords with strong purchase intent, high search volume, and low difficulty. From this, we created SEO-optimised content aligned with the brand tone and user experience for each specific art style. Our analysts and development team worked around the clock to fix any errors that hindered the rankings of the pages and developed a keyword strategy backed by extensive research to boost the visibility of the new pages in the search engine results.

Results So Far

194,000 Over 194,000 impressions
Our client's customised social media campaigns on Instagram and Facebook effectively connected them with new potential clients, resulting in over 135 Contact Us Submissions. This increased website traffic and bookings, achieving their overall goal. We ran an awareness campaign to reach new audiences and used remarketing for those who had already shown interest. We also showcased their work and utilised Google Ads, SMA, and SEO strategies to boost their online visibility.
119% Increase in Organic Clicks
Our main objective was to enhance their online presence. We utilised our SEO proficiency to increase organic clicks and rankings to achieve this. By updating the website content according to the target audience, finding niche areas to target, conducting extensive keyword research, and adding service pages and blogs, we boosted site traffic by over 100%!
144 Google Ad conversions monthly average
At our company, we are passionate about utilising the full potential of Google Ads to achieve the best possible results. We targeted specific demographic ranges, highlighted the particular skillsets this tattoo parlour had to offer and created highly effective ad groups. As a result of our targeted approach, we achieved 6 direct website purchases, 135 Contact Us submissions, and 6 website purchases generated by the ads.

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