900% Overall Growth for Naked Foods

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Project Overview

Naked Foods is a health and wellness bulk food store, delivering accessibility to a large range of healthy nutritious products to everyday people. Despite being one of the market leaders in bulk foods, they came to AdVisible to grow their presence online using industry-leading SEO, and increase their ROAS on their e-commerce website during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Our digital geniuses were up to the challenge!

Our Proposal

As people were staying indoors during COVID-19 lockdown, Naked Foods wanted to encourage health-conscious individuals in NSW seeking an effortless bulk foods delivery to purchase their products from their online store. With the help of our industry specialists, the client’s aimed to;

  • Drive qualified traffic to their website using Google Ads and SEO
  • Increase ROAS within 6 months
  • Improve brand awareness in the highly competitive bulk foods space online
  • Drive overall cost-per-acquisitions down

Strategy & Awareness

Our experts needed to match their underperforming website and ads with their in-store sales, increase their site credibility and online purchases, and leverage their ‘bulk-buying’ shopping experience to suit the COVID-19 climate;

  • Google Ads: Build non-branded, Smart Shopping campaigns targeting product categories & Build search campaigns focusing on high search volume keywords.
  • SEO: Integrate a site-wide keyword strategy, Increase number of high-quality links & Implement keyword-enriched category content.

Our Approach

Reconfiguring Google Ads Campaigns

We focused on 5 high impact bulk food categories on sales and made consistent optimisations to each campaign to guarantee steady optimisation growth, we targeted food products within these 5 categories via Smart Shopping. Our strategies included;

  • Ensuring campaign settings are targeting correct dimensions including Locations, Languages, Networks and Devices.
  • Ensuring campaigns are appropriately spending allocated daily budgets.

Reconfiguring Google Ads Campaigns continued…

  • Expanding keywords and negativing out triggered search terms with different user intents.
  • Utilised Google Observational audiences to target people in the market for health bulk foods.
  • Paused underperforming product-groups, search ads, ad-groups, keywords that weren’t driving traffic.

Reconfiguring Google Ads Campaigns continued…

  • Identifying which campaigns were eligible for utilising smart bidding strategies.
  • Consistent A/B testing across extended ads.

Our strategies focused on driving relevant traffic to the Naked Foods website. We then switched strategies at a set ROAS cap to further maximise conversion value. 

Updating their website with top-tier SEO

We then implemented the best SEO strategies to ensure Naked Foods ranked higher for the most competitive search terms, and strengthening their credibility during the lockdown. Our strategies included;

  • Integrated a new keyword strategy, recommended metadata and URL structure.
  • Monitored technical issues on the website such as 404s, canonicalisation and constraints in indexing.

Updating their website with top-tier SEO continued…

  • Generate high-quality links including guest posts and editorials.
  • Implement keyword-enriched content for every food category.

With our optimisation tactics, we pushed top funnel users to discover Naked Food’s bulk-buying experience during the lockdown, increase qualified website traffic and help them rank higher on Google SERPs!

Results So Far

900% Online growth overall
Our Google Ads and SEO specialists brought it home strong with their comprehensive integrated strategy. They achieved a staggering 900% growth overall in organic revenue in just six months!
122.46% Increase in e-comm conversions
While increasing Naked Foods' transaction value per month, our experts managed to keep their Google Ads budget while reducing cost-per-clicks by 27.25%. The result? We increased their e-commerce conversion rate by 122.46%!
7K to 13K Increase in daily impressions
By tailoring our Google Ads and SEO strategies to leverage the unprecedented Covid climate, we witnessed a steady climb in Naked Foods' impressions, averaging from 7.5k daily impressions to a staggering 13k!

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