How Camerich increased enquiries by 400% in the first 3 months with Google Ads

  • 0 Increase in Enquiries in the first 3 months
  • 0 Increase in Conversions

Stats So Far

  • 400% increase in enquiries in the first 3 months
  • 60% increase in conversions after the new website launch


Camerich is a global furniture brand that specialises in timeless, contemporary sofas, beds, dining chairs, buffets and lounge chairs. Their luxury furniture features many modular and customisable designs, to help give their customers something both bespoke and unique.

Camerich previously was running their own Google Ads account, and also tried another Google Ads agency. After auditing their campaigns, we saw potential to help elevate the returns for what they were trying to accomplish.

Our Approach

Google Ads

Our audit revealed that Camerich was spending a lot of ads that they didn’t need to, with unprofitable results. The client’s previous Google Ads account weren’t as targeted with some lack of transparency and education between both the client and the previous agency. We communicated with Camerich to meet them where they were at, understand their goals and explain how we saw Google Ads could help them attain their goals.

Our analysts rebuilt their Google Ads campaigns, after analysing their past ad campaigns, getting information from the client about their products and target, and completing our own keyword research. Then we optimised our ads using the conversion, transaction and tracking data we were getting while running the campaigns. We also continued to update and explain what these figures meant to the client, so that they could have the transparency and education they needed to inform their decision-making.

Website Design

After building trust with our successful management of their Google Ads, AdVisible recommended a website redesign to improve the online experience for their customers to help build more trust and better drive more conversions. We workshopped and designed a clean and modern website that exuded the luxury vibe that they wanted to present. After this revamp, conversions increased by an additional 60%!

Results So Far

400% Increase in Enquiries in the first 3 months
As a designer furniture collection, Camerich operated by leads. Any single lead looking to stock a store, executive suite or luxury home could easily pull in numbers in five or six digits. With 4 times the enquiries the company was getting in the first 3 months, the revenue and return on investment is phenomenal.
60% Increase in Conversions
As a digital marketing agency, it’s easier for us to get our heads across several marketing channels and see how they work together. A new website design was critical in helping direct customers to not just click through the Google Ad, but to enquire and potentially purchase. With an extra 60% increase in conversions, our new website certainly delivered the goods!

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