How Manningham Skin Clinic Tripled Conversation Rates Thanks to Google Ads

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  • 0 Increase in conversions
  • 0 Increase in users due to social media campaigns

Stats So Far

  • Social Media: By the end of the campaign, we DOUBLED the conversion rate, ending at the fantastic rate of 62.65%
  • Social Media: 30% of 156 Conversions = 46.8 Appointments
  • Google Ads: Our conversion rate saw a boost of around 7% over three months
  • Google Ads: Decreased CPC from $2.88 to $2.30
  • Google Ads: Built better brand awareness with our Awareness campaign 


Manningham Skin Clinic was established to help Australians prevent skin conditions. They are recognised as one of Melbourne’s top skin cancer clinics, providing their patients comprehensive services. To make sure that the people of Melbourne were aware of Manningham Skin Clinic, we collaborated with them to develop campaigns that emphasised building brand recognition and educating potential clients. Manningham approached us to increase clientele, and we did so by optimising digital marketing. We ensured success with a continued focus on growing site conversion, ROI, and Google Ads – helping them boost overall brand presence and increase site traffic threefold. 

Our Approach

Google Ads

Working with Manningham’s Skin Clinic, we understood that they prioritised the health of their customers above all. So, our analysts thoroughly researched the most relevant search terms related to our services. We identified three main target groups: new, existing, and potential patients who still need to take action. We understand that skin cancer can affect anyone in Australia and that early detection is crucial. We focused our ad campaigns on the keywords “skin or mole check” and “mapping services” to attract these groups. We also used an empathetic and informative tone of voice to increase bookings with clients who share Manningham’s values, resulting in an evergreen client list.

Social Media

In our drive to raise awareness about skin health, we’ve crafted a compelling campaign blending eye-catching visuals and educational content. Our goal is clear: to capture attention and deliver crucial information about regular skin checks and protection. We’re reaching outdoor enthusiasts, including avid gardeners, with targeted messages, using geo-targeting to pinpoint those closest to our clinic. Our tactics constantly evolve to engage an audience genuinely interested in skin health. Plus, we’ve added a direct call-to-action, inviting users to book appointments instantly.

Results So Far

123% Increase in clicks
Over a period of 12 months, our client experienced a surge of 366 clicks as compared to the previous year, resulting in a remarkable 549 clicks in total! Our marketing campaign played a vital role in achieving this success. We expanded their reach and established a stronger brand presence that continues to attract new bookings and customers.
306% Increase in conversions
We are thrilled to share that AdVisible has helped Manningham’s Skin Clinic achieve exceptional results - a 300%+ growth in conversion rates, resulting in a significant increase in ROI in just one year!
76.92% Increase in users due to social media campaigns
Thanks to our personalised social media strategies, we built and expanded our audience reach across Instagram and Facebook. We have increased our user base from 13,000 to almost double with 23,000 users. This has ultimately helped us build brand awareness, exposure, trust and a stronger brand identity.

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