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Sydney Photographic Workshops – a leading photography school that’s been around for a number of years – came to us after they decided to focus more on their online channel. They had just commissioned a new website and were looking for the best way to drive sales and growth with a digital marketing campaign. We were keen to get started right away.

There is nothing that excites us more than showing our clients the potential of digital marketing so we were excited to surprise them with the results we could achieve. They had done quite well through word-of-mouth, referrals and more traditional marketing approaches but they were ready to dive into the world of digital.

Strategy and Approach

We decided early on that the best approach to tackling Sydney Photographic Workshop’s digital solution was to fully utilise their new website to drive traffic and ensure their users were enrolling into their classes and workshops. In turn, this would achieve increased overall conversions and establish a sturdy digital sales channel for the brand.

After conducting vigorous market research and coming up with some measurable KPIs with Sydney Photographic Workshops, we directed their campaign toward boosting enrolments for their introductory course. Even though this was their most affordable course, by specifically targeting this product, we knew this was the best approach for achieving their business goals.

Results So Far

Our SEO and remarketing efforts paid off! Sydney Photographic Workshops’ new website saw consistent growth in overall visitors in just two months! Users were becoming more familiar with their name and courses and this resulted in increased enrolments across the board. Due to our AdWords work, there was a spike in sales of the introductory course. Due to our sturdy digital strategy, they enjoyed an overall 94% increase in sessions, 85% more users than before our help, 89% more conversions and a much lower cost-per-acquisition than they expected, giving them a strong return on investment. Sydney Photographic Workshops’ digital methods is now their most effective sales channel by a long shot!

+134% Increase in ROI

Having relied almost solely on traditional marketing methods, Sydney Photographic Workshops was not expecting the efficacy of digital marketing. They have since scaled back on the traditional, and allocated an increased budget into digital as it sees a much better enrolments, is easier to measure/track and has a healthier ROI.

94% Increase in Sessions
85% Increase in Users
89% Increase in Conversions
60% Increase in Conversion Rate
43% Decrease in CPA

After being locked into a 1 year contract with another company managing our SEO and AdWords campaigns, we were left very disappointed by their lack of understanding of our business, with their poor results and a change in Account Manager 6 times in the one year. When our contract was over we couldn’t leave quick enough and went in search of a company that could deliver what they promised.

If you want a team dedicated to ensuring your success, I cannot recommend AdVisible more highly – they truly deliver on their guarantee!

Daniel Linnett Sydney Photographic Workshops

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