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Project Overview

Sydney Photographic Workshops is a leading photography school known for its comprehensive workshops and courses for beginners, advanced enthusiasts and photography buffs alike. As creative businesses were becoming ever more digitised, they decided to focus more on their online channels. They had just commissioned a new website and were struggling to find online marketing methods to drive sales and growth, and promote their exciting range of photography courses to budding photographers. They turned to AdVisible to make a digital marketing campaign that was guaranteed to match their success and reputation as Sydney’s leading photography school.

Our Proposal

As a renowned photography school run by leading master photographers (think of names like Daniel Linnet!), they already had great success through word-of-mouth, referrals and more traditional marketing approaches. They were ready to dive into the world of digital — and they knew we were the right partner to do this with! Our objectives were to;

  • Establish the company as a reputable school in a niche online space.
  • Drive targeted traffic to their newly designed website.
  • Improve brand awareness in a highly competitive field.
  • Provide ongoing web support and continually optimise their new website.

Strategy & Awareness

As Sydney Photographic Workshops was fairly new to the world of digital marketing, our experts decided that the best course of action would be to start from scratch! After conducting audits to their new website, social media and Google Ads account, we would have to ensure the following;

  • Leverage any website to drive online traffic to ensure users were enrolling into their classes and workshops.
  • Achieve increased overall conversions.
  • Establish a robust digital sales channel for the brand.

Our Approach

The Set-Up

After conducting rigorous market research and coming up with a set of measurable KPIs with Sydney Photographic Workshops, we;

  • directed their campaign toward boosting enrolments for their introductory course.

By specifically targeting this product, this was the best approach for achieving their long-term business goals and driving brand loyalty, and repurchases.

SEO Optimisation: keyword mapping

To ensure top funnel users could navigate to essential information to Sydney Photographic Workshops many courses, we suggested;

  • Optimised keyword mapping, using keywords specific to their workshops.
  • Ranked for search terms such as “portrait photography”, “photography courses” and “photography courses sydney”.

Doing so assured prospects  actively looking for photography classes  were in the right place and convert into leads.

SEO Optimisation: content expansion

Our second goal was to ensure new visitors to Sydney Photographic Workshop’s website were enrolling in courses. We

  • Added valuable FAQ content in relation to all workshop pages.
  • Expanded website content with high-volume search terms.

This attracted prospects who were more likely to make a sale and provided value to customers looking for  exciting photography courses.

Website Design & Support: CRO Optimisation

Our next plan of attack was optimising Sydney Photographic Workshop’s website for conversions. This meant ensuring people who were actively looking for their workshops were moving through the last stages of the marketing funnel, and ‘enrolling’. We implemented the following strategies:

  • Adding clearly labelled CTAs.
  • Implementing defined tabs that featured information referring to workshop requirements, pricing, class overview.
  • Implementing clearly defined customer reviews to the top of the course.
  • Created clearer user flows – by bolding the most important info and listing FAQs to the bottom of the page.

Our UX strategies improved user experience, increased chances of user engagement and enrolments from new prospects.

Google Ads: COVID-19 response

We paused SPW’s Google Ads campaigns for a total of 3 months from August to October 2021. This provide us with the opportunity to;

  • Re-establish their digital marketing and growth as the Australian economy reopened.
  • Started promoting workshops that were the best performers in the past including their 8 Week Beginner Workshops.
  • We aim to expand their campaigns by promoting workshops that were popular in the past, including Essentials Workshop, Night Photography classes and then Portraiture.

Results So Far

+134% Increase in ROI
Our hard work and perseverance resulted in successfully establishing a digital marketing channel for Sydney Photographic Workshops! Users were becoming more familiar with their name and courses and this resulted in increased enrolments across the board!
+94% Increase in Conversions
Thanks to our solid digital strategy, they enjoyed an overall 94% increase in sessions and 89% more conversions and a much lower cost-per-acquisition than they expected, giving them a strong return on investment.
+85% Increase in Users
Thanks to our SEO strategies and remarketing efforts, Sydney Photographic Workshops’ new website saw consistent growth in overall visitors in just two months. They saw an increase in 85% more users to their website!

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