Craftzero Cheers to a 400% Increase in Organic Traffic!

  • 0 Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 0 Return on Ad Spend
  • 0 Increase in Purchases

Stats So Far

  • 400% increase in overall organic traffic
  • 366% improvement in organic keyword rankings within 10 months
  • +11 increase in domain rating
  • 10x ROAS within 1 month (GA)
  • 21% increase in click-through rate (GA)
  • -20% reduction in cost per acquisition (GA)
  • 223% increase in purchases (social)
  • 18x ROAS within 1 month (social)
  • -56% reduction in  cost per acquisition (social)


Craftzero sells a large range of non-alcoholic drinks, with options like alcohol-free beer, wine, spirits and premixed drinks. While going out for alcoholic drinks on a Friday night, for a catch-up or a party is common in the Australian culture, a growing health-conscious crowd wanted the taste and celebratory feeling of drinking without the less desirable after effects.

The client reached out to our digital marketing agency, Advisible, to elevate brand awareness and cement Craftzero as a market leader in non-alcoholic beverages. For the thorough results they sought, we recommended a three-pronged approach: SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Ads.

Our Approach

Google Ads

Our analysts pivoted the strategy from branded to non-branded generic keywords related to Craftzero’s products, such as alcohol-free beer. We also added tempting offers such as ‘saving bundles’ to help push sales further. We expanded Craftzero’s digital presence by creating campaigns across all Google channels.

Social Media

Social media offered the perfect way to reach Craftzero’s target audience in their leisure time and during the lead-up to special occasions. Our social media team targeted ads on Facebook with positive messaging to encourage customers to try non-alcoholic beverages and skip the less fun after effects of alcohol indulgence while still participating in a good time out. Our team also seized on the opportunities of seasonal events such as ‘Dry July’ to create new promotions. Then we monitored the performance of our ads to optimise them with new data over time.


Our analysts expanded Craftzero’s sitemap with more detailed categories. Then we created SEO-optimised content for these categories that aligned with their brand tone and the experience that users were looking for. Our analysts and dev team thoroughly worked to fix errors behind the scenes that would keep rankings down and created a research-backed keyword strategy to propel these new pages forward in the SERP results.

Results So Far

400% Increase in Organic Traffic
One of Craftzero’s prime goals for their digital marketing was brand awareness. By improving Craftzero’s rankings for generic keywords with SEO, we helped Craftzero become the place many have turned to for non-alcoholic beverages.
10x Return on Ad Spend
Achieving a good return ratio for cost is crucial in raising profits for their digital marketing. Our optimised Google Ads increased Craftzero’s reach to a hot audience while decreasing costs so the client could come away with an even more significant return on investment.
223% Increase in Purchases
Through building brand awareness and presenting hot offers with our social media ads, Craftzero was able to enjoy a great boom in purchases!

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