How Sofrito Paella increased conversions by 503% in less than 12 months

  • 0 503% Increase in Conversions
  • 0 Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 0 Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS)

Project Overview

Sofrito Paella is a street food vendor that brings fresh Spanish street food to discerning foodies across Australia. While Sofrito Paella was born in Sydney’s food markets, this side of the business is unreliable and often affected by the weather. Sofrito Paella wanted to shift the business to a more reliable source of income through a regular stream of catering jobs. They saw a gap in the paella catering market and believed that with a powerful online presence, they could quickly emerge as the leader in this space.

Our Proposal

Sofrito Paella approached AdVisible with distinctive goals:

  • To improve their online presence with an engaging and user-friendly website.
  • Drive ongoing traffic and leads to help them grow their catering offering.
  • Fuel their business pipeline using digital marketing, so the company is always booked out with catering events.

As a small business, Sofrito Paella was working with a lean marketing budget but we saw this as an opportunity, rather than a challenge!

Strategy & Awareness

We worked with Sofrito Paella on a targeted digital marketing strategy that focused on the actions we believed would deliver the best return for the business. Through the power of digital marketing, we delivered the following

  • Increase leads for the catering side of their business.
  • Improve online presence with an engaging, user-friendly website.
  • Drive qualified traffic to their website.
  • Become the leader in the paella catering space.

Our Approach

Website Design

As the first point of contact for potential customers searching online, Sofrito Paella’s website had to wow visitors from the get-go. In response, our experts;

  • Focused on highlighting Sofrito Paella’s delicious offering through tantalising imagery.
  • Captured professional, appetising photos that we then heroed on the website with a dark colour scheme.
  • Ensured the site would nurture visitors all the way from discovery to consideration and conversion.
  • Integrated downloadable PDF menus to promote discovery of the product for new visitors.
  • Dedicated call-to-action to submit an enquiry for catering, along with testimonials to strengthen the message and add social proof.

Google Ads

With their slick new website up and running, the next goal was to drive traffic and leads for Sofrito Paella’s catering offering. With their limited budget, we;

  • Focused on efforts on a targeted Google Ads campaign focused on keywords related to paella catering.
  • Ran campaigns, observed the data, and optimised our campaigns for performance.
  • Refine our campaigns down to the best-converting keywords.

Optimisation Strategies

The following optimisation strategies achieved the following;

  • Delivered a big improvement in conversions in the initial three months.
  • Allowed our search marketing experts to correctly analyse, experiment, and optimise to deliver killer ROI.

Results So Far

503% 503% Increase in Conversions
In less than one year, we took Sofrito Paella from a business with almost zero online presence to dominating the market, with a brand new website and fine-tuned Google Ads campaign with targeted, high-quality content. The result? A 504%+ increase in conversions!
391.6% Increase in Conversion Rate
our integrated digital marketing strategy, we delivered 8x more conversions for Sofrito Paella while delivering a 5x lower CPA in less than a year — all of which was done with no increase in ad spend.
98:1 Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS)
In one month alone, the revenue generated from Google Ads more than covered the total Google Ads spend since we started working together.

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