The Highline Venue captivates with a 416% increase in SEO traffic

  • 0 Increase in Organic Clicks
  • 0 Increase in Social Media Enquiries
  • 0 Increase in Google Ads Conversions

Stats So Far

  • 338% increase in social media enquiries
  • 309% increase in google ads conversions
  • 42.73% increase in organic sessions
  • 63.13% increase in organic conversions
  • 200% increase in organic impressions
  • 416% increase in organic clicks


The Highline Venue is renowned for its decadent New York 1920s ballrooms and private rooms for weddings, corporate functions and other special events. As a business that relied heavily on the number and quality of leads coming in, Highline needed to build strong brand awareness and engagement online. They were also launching a restaurant in the area to allow more people to sample their beloved Italian cooking.

Advisible created a holistic digital marketing strategy that included SEO, Google Ads and Social Media to expand the client’s reach.

Our Approach


We created a thorough SEO strategy for the Highline Venue, fixing technical errors, structuring how pages come up in the search results, link building and creating new content optimised for search engines. Through continual collaboration with our client, we also made sure that the changes we made to make the website rank were in line with their brand persona and unique service offering.

Google Ads

Our Google Ad analysts created search and display ad campaigns based around the Highline’s most important and popular service offerings. Next, we created several ads within each category to better target the different interest and audience groups within and continued to optimise our ads with the data we were getting in. This helped us best target our efforts to audience groups that were most likely to convert to lower cost-per-click and raise the return on ad spend for the Highline Venue overall.


As a formal venue, visuals and emotional engagement were critical for The Highline Venue’s social media success. Their customers needed to see the rich, luxurious interiors and exciting things possible in the ballrooms through stunning native content. Our social media analysts created a well-researched and creative strategy, where we guided the venue to gather high-quality native visuals, which we then used to create compelling social media ads with A/B tested messaging, hot offers and segmented target audiences across a funnel approach. This helped gently lead interested parties down through a broad awareness and consideration base to the end of the funnel to generate leads with email or phone calls.

Web Design

We implemented  several CRO improvements for the Highline Venue, with design updates focused on the website’s critical points of ‘call to action’. Using UI/UX principles, we created a modern update to their contact us form and other CTAs that fell in line with the client’s branding, offered a better user experience and maintained its functionality. These changes then supported our other digital marketing efforts to gain back high conversions overall.

Results So Far

416% Increase in Organic Clicks
Through SEO, AdVisible helped make The Highline Venue that much more visible to people searching for a function room or ballroom for their wedding, birthday, corporate function or other events. So much that the client could score 416% more clicks over a year! With an 80% decrease in bounce rate on their weddings page, we were able to get their audience to engage and consider the venue longer for their special ceremony or reception.
338% Increase in Social Media Enquiries
As a lead generation business, every lead is heavily valuable for the company. Through a 338% increase in enquiries coming in from social media, The Highline Venue was sure to enjoy a sizeable boost in revenue for our efforts.
309% Increase in Google Ads Conversions
While Google Ads can get some of the fastest results in digital marketing, without the right data, analysis, and direction, it's easy to waste money without getting a good return on investment. Through a 309% boost in conversions and a 10% decrease in CPC, The Highline Venue was able to get a good return for one of the most competitive areas of online marketing.

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