AssetBase Builds Wealth with a 488% gain in Socials Leads!

  • 0 Increase in Leads
  • 0 Decrease in CPL
  • 0 Increase in CTR

Stats So Far

  • 488% increase in leads in 8 months (Social)
  • 67.18% decrease cost-per-lead in 8 months (Social)
  • 67.06% decrease cost-per-click in 8 months (Social)
  • 249% more impressions in 8 months (Social)
  • 92% increase in click-through rate in 8 months (Social)


AssetBase provides investment property advice to everyday Australians. With so many players in the property game, there were many people that got burnt either through the strong sales tactics of real estate agents or misinformation that existed online.

Our campaign needed to address the objections and concerns of AssetBase’s target audience. AdVisible worked with the client to create a targeted social media ad campaign that highlighted the unique value that AssetBase has as an advisory firm to cut through the noise with an honest and reliable voice. We knew if we got this recipe right, the return on investment would mean stellar returns.

Our Approach

Social Media

AssetBase’s goal of the campaign was to be established as the go-to source for investment real estate advice. To do this, they wanted to quickly get in front of audiences most likely to convert. We accomplished this with a combination of rigorous audience testing and designing attention-grabbing creatives to find out what worked and hone in on what we got right. Our social media specialists continued to keep our ads up to date with changing trends by communicating with AssetBase to understand their customer’s evolving needs and concerns.

Results So Far

488% Increase in Leads
While AssetBase doesn’t charge any fees to their clients, they earn a commission from builders that their clients purchase from. This meant every lead was a prime metric of success for their business model. With a 488% increase, our ads helped catapult AssetBase’s voice as a market expert to property investors.
67.18% Decrease in CPL
High competition most of the time will also mean high cost in a social media campaign. We wanted to deliver the best return on investment for our client, so we worked to drive the cost down. Through creating highly targeted ad campaigns and continual optimisation, we really cut down the cost for each lead that came in for a higher revenue overall.
92% Increase in CTR
Highly visible or ‘viral’ social media ads may be eye-wateringly enviable, but they don’t necessarily mean many people are clicking through. Through great attention to messaging, audience targeting and addressing objections, we were able to funnel a larger, warmer audience onto the website.

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