+20 High Competition Keywords for Cozyer on the 1st page of Google in the first 3 months!

  • 0 High Competition Keywords on the first page in just 3 months!
  • 0 Increase in Purchases
  • 0 Increase in Domain Rating

Stats So Far

  • 49% increase in page views in the first month after launching a new website
  • +20 high competition keywords on the first page in the first 3 months
  • 166% increase in purchases (Social)
  • 135% increase in ROAS (Social)
  • 205% increase in clicks (Social)
  • 500% increase in purchases (Google Ads)
  • 107.9% increase in organic traffic
  • 109.72% increase in organic transactions
  • 77.5% increase in organic revenue


Cozyer was a new online B2C furniture brand with a USP for high-quality, affordable furniture when they first signed up with Advisible for their digital marketing game plan. As a fresh eCommerce company, we started our efforts with paid marketing channels: social media and Google Ads to help build brand awareness, trust and conversion with a new audience. After developing trust with the client through our results, we redesigned the website to amplify the results.

What we helped achieve for this client was massive: going from a new company to a contender with other heavy-hitters within the online furniture space. By starting with us around the middle of the year, we were also able to help position them well online, just in time for one of the busiest eCommerce times of the year: Christmas.

Our Approach

Web Design

Cozyer previously had a relatively new Shopify website that needed a lot of improvement. After completing a thorough CRO (conversion rate optimisation) audit, our analysts made many recommendations for the website. Once approved, we designed a fresh new look for the website that improved the user experience of the website and streamlined how the individual products were managed. We removed and replaced unnecessary apps that were slowing down the site or causing other problems for the site, and built custom sections within the theme to replace them. Lastly, we developed brand and style guidelines to help the client build a strong and consistent brand presence that they could become known for.


As Cozyer was just starting off, their social media presence needed to be established and attract the right target audience. Our social media specialist created a funnel strategy that included social media ads that started with creating brand awareness with a broader target and a well-researched segmented audience that evolved into more familiarity-building and highly engaging offers as customers went down the funnel. Throughout the campaign, we stayed in constant collaboration with the client to make sure that the creatives were engaging, relevant and on brand.

Google Ads

Cozyer struggled with getting results from their previous Google Ads account. When we took over the campaigns, we restructured our ads with a Google Ad strategy that targeted Cozyer’s lower-cost items to expand their converting customer base to build that initial trust and loyalty from their customers. With conversion tracking, we were able to identify what worked well and what didn’t to refine our ads to get a high ROAS for the client.


SEO is a long-term strategy, so getting Cozyer onboard with our SEO specialist was important and trusting us to deliver was critical for our team. After proving success through Social media campaigns and Google Ads, we developed a thorough SEO strategy that targeted technical improvements, on-page content and how Google understood the website from other sites online. After 6 months, we achieved great growth in organic keywords, which helped build up ongoing traffic and revenue!

Results So Far

+20 High Competition Keywords on the first page in just 3 months!
With +20 High Competition Keywords ranking on the first page of Google in just 3 months, Cozyer was jumping up in some of the most lucrative positions in the search results and becoming that much more visible for those looking for a good deal on furniture. Which, in turn, helped result in more than double their past year’s transactions and a 77.5% increase in organic revenue overall!
500% Increase in Purchases
While Google Ads can be a powerful engine for conversions, it can also be a fast way to lose a lot of money when in the wrong hands. Through a 500% increase in just 1 month, Advisible proved that high results could be achieved even for a new company. These purchases helped get the client’s brand name out there to establish Cozyer as a destination for high-quality, affordable furniture with good reviews and word of mouth for social proof for continuing eCommerce success!
+7 Increase in Domain Rating
One of the other most telling signs of a quality and ethical SEO strategy is improvements in domain rating. Whether it comes to organic or paid search, your domain rating provides a good measure of how credible and trusted your brand is in the eyes of Google. With a +7 increase, Cozyer is sure to continue to amass more future gains from Google.

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