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Project Overview

Tenderfield, an up-and-coming company in the construction and civil engineering sector, was struggling to establish its tender and contract management software platform. This innovative construction project management software company wanted to revolutionise the industry with the cloud — and to do that, they needed professional assistance from our digital marketing experts. We were ready to skyrocket their ROI with a comprehensive SEO and Google Ads strategy!

Our Proposal

Getting the Tenderfield brand out there was the key goal for this startup. Therefore, driving traffic to the site meant more people knew about them and were more likely to convert. We would need to;

  • Increase brand awareness, credibility and recognition as a new company.
  • Drive qualified traffic to the site so potential clients could discover the brand.
  • Convert website users into registering customers.
  • Gain a greater share of the cloud software industry for construction companies.

Strategy & Awareness

Tenderfield had previously worked with another digital agency but experienced poor customer service, unsatisfactory results and low returns. Our experts believed in Tenderfield’s exceptional product offering. It was our goal to;

  • Regain their faith in the potential of the digital process.
  • Be completely transparent in our digital approaches.
  • Demonstrate how we would yield measurable results for traffic, conversions and strong return.

Our Approach

SEO Strategies

Our first plan of attack was to drive as much traffic as we could to the Tenderfield website using the best SEO strategies we provided. We implemented the following tactics;

  • Reinforced their site content with an optimised keyword mapping.
  • Implemented high-volume search terms into their site content to assure prospects that were most likely to convert into leads, were in the right place.
  • Implement high-quality link building to boost Tenderfield’s online credibility and authority on Google SERP’s.
  • Reconfigure website metadata to push their most important tender management services online.

The SEO strategies we implemented gave Tenderfield the best chance to broadcast its brand awareness, credibility and recognition to its desired target audience.

Google Ads Strategies

Our next step was deep-diving into their project management software product/services. This meant;

  • Familiarising ourselves with Tenderfield’s overall product.
  • Assess how this software would assist multiple construction and development sectors to streamline their tender management processes.
  • Assess how the software would eliminate communication barriers with their business partners.
  • From there, we conducted a keyword research that would link Tenderfield with the most relevant customers online who are searching for their services.
  • Target keywords searched by relevant customers and within their set budget.

The following strategies ensured users were clicking into their website, and converting into registering customers. These tactics also helped them increase conversions while gaining foothold into the project management cloud software space.

Results So Far

411% Increase in Conversion rates
Our digital experts helped Tenderfield achieve a 159% rise in user registrations and a 411% increase in conversion rates- a direct result of the SEO and Pay-Per-Click strategies.
129% Increase in Organic and Paid Traffic
Tenderfield can now happily call themselves a digital marketing success story. In only two months, they experienced a 129% increase in organic and paid website traffic!
54% Increase in ROI
Since their onboarding, Tenderfield successfully increased its digital marketing prowess and gained a greater share of the cloud software industry for construction companies.

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