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Tenderfield, an up-and-coming company in the construction and civil engineering sector, was struggling to establish their tender and contract management software platform. Previously having worked with a digital agency, they had experienced poor customer service, unsatisfactory results and low returns. When they came to us, they were left disillusioned and lost amongst all the technical jargon.

From the moment we got started, we believed in Tenderfield’s exceptional product offering. So we were thrilled to get going on their campaigns.

Soluble Actions

Our first plan of attack was to drive as much traffic as we could to the Tenderfield website, in order to build brand awareness, credibility and recognition. After getting users to their website, our next step was to convert them into registering customers. These tactics would give their digital marketing campaign a kickstart, with a large focus on increasing conversions and gaining a foothold in the digital space for their project management cloud software.

As their first attempt to undertake a digital marketing strategy yielded poor results, we had to regain their faith in the potential of the digital process. We were transparent and entirely honest about our approach – which we told them would yield measurable results in terms of traffic, conversions and ultimately, lead to a strong return.

Results So Far

Tenderfield can now happily call themselves a digital marketing success story. In only two months, they experienced a 129% increase in organic and paid website traffic, a 159% rise in user registrations and an impressive 411% increase in conversion rates, a direct result of the SEO and Pay-Per-Click work we did. Since they first started working with us, they have increased their digital marketing budget and we continue to help them gain a greater share of the cloud software industry for construction companies.

+41% Increase in Conversions from AdWords Alone

Getting the Tenderfield brand and product out there was the key goal for the up-and-comers as they were trying to establish themselves. Driving traffic to the site meant more people knew about them and were more likely to convert.

129% Increase in Organic and Paid Traffic
159% Increase in Overall Registrations
34% Increase in New Visitors
47% Decrease in CPC
54% Increase in ROI

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