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Orana Car & Truck Rental (Orana) is distinguishing itself from its numerous and well established competitors as they are in the midst of a resurgence of car rental businesses and car sharing start-ups. They are a car and truck rental company for the people who know there is always a better deal and want just good old fashioned great value. In order to jump start their goals, we needed to strengthen their Google Ads, SEO strategy and website.

Strategy and Approach

The competition is fierce, but with our deep experience in the car rental industry and after engaging with the Orana team, we have implemented solid strategies to increase brand awareness across Google, conversions and bookings across all platforms and boost Digital Marketing return-over-investment (ROI).

Google Ads

Upon onboarding Orana, we initiated a deep-dive discovery into their business objectives and understanding of their target demographic. Orana had a solid grasp of their customer base, but had not utilised Google Ads Optimisation to target their correct demographic, which had resulted in high CPA conversions. Our first strategy was to conduct extensive primary and secondary research by collating data from the initial Google Ads campaign combined with industry and competitor research. This allowed for a more comprehensive analysis of Orana’s conversion data and target market. As a result, we placed higher bidding adjustments on specific demographic groups in age, household income and gender. Additionally we lowered bidding adjustments to target demographics that were driving high CPA conversions. Complementing these optimisations was how we targeted observational in-market and affinity audiences for car rental and commercial rental campaigns: car rentals, trips by destinations, moving & relocation, full-size & standard car rental, air travel.


The SEO strategy from Orana’s previous agency focused predominantly on backlinking, mostly from low-authority pages; they also targeted broad terms that were difficult to rank e.g. car hire, car hire Sydney. After our initial analysis and audit, we focused on lower-competitive terms with high intent.

Website Crash, No Problem

In the last quarter of 2019, Orana experienced a website crash which resulted in numerous issues across all platforms resulting in reduced conversions from Google Ads and SEO. Our team responded to this challenge by implementing Conversion Rate Optimisation on their website, incorporating A/B testing on high traffic streams as well as converting their landing pages. We streamlined user flow and introduced booking categories to the website, embedded Google Maps with Marker, implemented call-to-action buttons (on each fold), added booking forms, clickable phone numbers and emails (click to call). These new elements resulted in improved user experience and engagement, with greater conversions. The crash forced us to take one step back, but then we took two steps forward.

Results So Far

After recurrent optimisations to audience and demographic targeting, we have out performed our goals. In the period July 2019 to August 2020, we reduced the client’s cost-per-leads by 71%, and increased their conversions and conversion rate by 1,463.70% and 87.28% respectively. We also achieved 771.21 conversions per month consistently throughout the period.

1463.7% Increase in Conversions
82.86% Increase in Conversion Rate
379.01% Conversions in 30 days
57.72% Decrease in Cost-Per-Click

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