+253.13% Increase in Conversions for Evolution Laser Clinic!

Evolution Laser Clinic is a laser skin clinic that specialises in laser hair removal, innovative skin treatments, laser, cosmetic injections, anti-ageing treatments and more. With more than 12 operating establishments, they have locations all over Sydney, as well as Wollongong, Shellharbour, Charlestown and Newcastle.

Originally, Evolution Laser Clinic acquired business from their organic website traffic, Google Ads and their clinic walk-bys. But with poor management, Evolution Laser Clinics experienced lackluster results, and were losing significant market share to competitors.

Evolution Laser Clinic approached AdVisible to improve their Google Ads. After we audited their campaign, we found that their set up was very basic and lacked 'intent' targeting and did not actively track conversions. Once they came onboard with us, we implemented advance conversion, goals and events tracking. As we were able to track conversions accurately, we managed to increase metrics including conversion rate and click through rate in just shy of three months.

  • +253.13% Increase in Conversions
  • +89.19% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • -51.43% Decrease in Cost Per Conversion
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Evolution Laser Clinic’s Objectives

  • Drive awareness of Evolution Laser Clinic’s brand against intense competition

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  • Increase online enquiries

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  • Increase customer interaction and staying top-of-mind by providing more touch-points online

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  • Goal tracking for accurate ROI reporting

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Strategy & Awareness

While Evolution Laser Clinic’s had worked with an agency previously, they were not nearly achieving the results they would have liked from their Google Ads campaigns. After a site audit into their Google Ads accounts, our AdVisible team quickly identified the following flaws:

Lack of tracking: Evolution Laser Clinic’s had no tracking on Google Ads for over a year (except for automatic Calls from Ads), which meant that they had been unable to capture extremely valuable data about which campaigns lead to conversions.

Losing significant market share: Evolution Laser Clinic also was actively losing significant market share to competitors who have a strong advertising presence.

From our findings, we proposed the following strategy:

  • Amend Evolution’s lack of tracking: Setting up proper accurate tracking method of all conversion elements on the website Ensure all Google Analytics data is synced properly with Google Ads.
  • Proposed implementing Google Ads Search and Remarketing as the best channels for their goals.
  • Create highly relevant campaigns segmented for each service Evolution Laser Clinics provided with each of the 22 locations in Sydney.
  • Planned on utilising all possible Google Ad extensions including call extensions, callouts, structured snippets, promotions, price, location, sitelinks and more to further increase our market share.

Our Approach

Proper Conversion Tracking Implementation

The first plan of attack was to install, setup and audit Evolution Laser Clinics’ Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts as required from our proposal. From there, we audited conversion/goal tracking across all accounts and setup as required, and put together monthly reporting to give our experts and the client a more reliable format of tracking.

Create Location Specific, Service Specific, Body Part Specific Campaigns:

Our second point of action was to create individual non-branded campaigns for their agreed services, which included ad-group variations of keywords used for the same service. We aimed to have non-branded search campaigns target audiences that are in need of Evolution Laser Clinic’s services but are not looking for Evolution Laser Clinic specifically. We also created branded campaigns to build a more visible presence when Evolution Laser Clinic’s potential clients were actively looking for them. Our experts wanted to provide another digital touch-point for customers to increase their site and brand credibility. Optimisation tactics included:

  • Research long-tail keywords to test for lower Cost-per-clicks (CPCs)
  • Utilise ad extensions (Linked Evolution Laser’s GMB locations to Google Ads)
  • Utilise demographic targeting to narrow down the target audience
  • Utilise customer-match technology (requires customer database of >2,000 clients)
  • Utilise advanced bid adjustment management

Our Approach

Highly Engaging Remarketing Campaigns

The final element of our strategy was creating highly engaging remarketing banners for Evolution Laser Clinic’s general website visitors as well as targeted remarketing banners for agreed services including ‘laser hair removal’, ‘lip injectables’ and ‘anti-ageing treatments’. To give us scalable results, our experts performed A/B tests between different image ads/sizes and targeting to hone in on the most well-performing ad for the client. With our improved remarketing ads, we helped end users that had previously interacted with Evolution Laser Clinics ads or website, and better convert them into customers.


Results & Evaluation

In just a few months, we saw a continual month on month growth in conversions, with conversion rates increasing. Meanwhile, cost per conversion continued to decrease exponentially as we continually refined Evolution Laser Clinic’s several Google Ads targeting attributes, including keyword targeting, demographic targeting, device targeting as well as performing bid adjustments to produce the best return on investment.

With our hard work and perseverance, our campaigns increased their overall search impression share and with the help of Location Extensions. We helped Evolution Laser outrank many competitors on the search results page as well as those listings seen in Google Maps.

Comparing the start and end date of our campaign, Evolution Laser Clinic’s results were through the roof, achieving +253.13% Increase in Conversions, -51.43%% Decrease in Cost Per Conversions, a +189.19%% Increase in Conversion Rate, a +19.23% Increased Click Through Rate and a -7.77% decrease in Cost Per Click. Such results are worth celebrating!


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