+253.13% Increase in Conversions for Evolution Laser Clinic!

  • 0 Increase in Conversions
  • 0 Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 0 Decrease in Cost Per Conversion

Project Overview

Evolution Laser Clinic specialises in laser hair removal, innovative skin treatments, laser, cosmetic injections, anti-ageing treatments and more. With more than 12 operating establishments, they have locations all over Sydney, Wollongong, Shellharbour, Charlestown and Newcastle. Originally, Evolution Laser Clinic acquired business from their organic website traffic, Google Ads and their clinic walk-bys.

But with poor management, Evolution Laser Clinics experienced lacklustre results and lost significant market share to competitors. They turned to our Google Ads experts for help. Within three months, the results were phenomenal!

Our Proposal

While Evolution Laser Clinic’s had worked with an agency previously, they were not nearly achieving the results they would have liked from their Google Ads campaigns. After we audited their account, we discovered a basic Google Ads set-up which lacked ‘intent’ targeting and poorly tracked conversions. We proposed the following;

  • Amend their lack of tracking.
  • Propose new Remarketing and Google Search Ads strategies.
  • Create highly segmented campaigns for each clinical service.

Strategy & Awareness

To ensure Evolution Laser Clinic was no longer losing market share to competitors with strong advertising presence, our experts would have to pull ‘all the tricks’ to make this happen. Our objectives were clear;

  • Set up a more accurate tracking method of all conversion elements.
  • Look into creating more service and location-specific campaigns.
  • Find the best-performing ads for the client.
  • Give old ad campaigns a much-needed face lift!

Our Approach

Proper Conversion Tracking Implementation

We installed, set up and audited Evolution Laser Clinics’ Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts. From there, we;

  • Audited conversion/goal tracking across all accounts.
  • Put together monthly reporting for both clients and experts.

Nothing says ‘scalable growth’ then having a reliable format of tracking to refer back to!

Create Location, Service & Body-specific Campaigns:

Our second point of action was to create individual non-branded campaigns for their services, including ad-group variations of keywords for the same service. We;

  • Researched long-tail keywords to test for lower CPCs
  • Utilised ad extensions
  • Utilised demographic targeting to narrow down the target audience

Doing so, we provided another digital touch-point for customers to increase their brand awareness.

Curate Highly Engaging Remarketing Campaigns

The final element was creating the following remarketing banners;

  • For Evolution Laser Clinic’s general website visitors.
  • For their beauty treatments.
  • A/B testing between different image ads/sizes.

By switching up their banners, we ensured end-users that had interacted with any ads and the website would convert into customers.

Results So Far

+253.13% Increase in Conversions
With our perseverance, our campaigns increased Evolution Laser Clinic's overall search impression share. The result? We helped them outrank their competitors and achieved an +253.13% Increase in conversions!
+89.19% Increase in Conversion Rate
In just a few months, we saw a continual month on month growth in conversions. Comparing the start and end date of our campaign, conversion rate skyrocketed with an 189.19% increase!
-51.43% Decrease in Cost Per Conversion
Evolution Laser Clinic's cost per conversion decreased exponentially after refining several of their Google Ads targeting attributes to produce the best return on investment!

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