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Online retail continues to grow in Australia, with an annual growth of 9.6% and revenue of $16.9 billion, almost double the growth rate of traditional bricks and mortar stores. Thanks to Google Shopping, it’s never been easier for customers to find your products and go straight to the checkout.

Google Shopping ads are shown in a separate ‘shopping’ tab in Google, as well as a sponsored box at the top of the homepage when there’s a match between the PLAs and the search query. Each PLA features a product name, image and price, with a link directly to the product page on your website.


  • Reach people who have previously visited your website
  • Directly target people are already interested in your brand
  • Maximise your conversion rate
  • Flexible budgets to suit your spend

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How Google Shopping Works

Google Shopping is a search engine within Google that focuses on products for sale from ecommerce websites. Like Google AdWords, the only businesses that are included in Google Shopping results are those who buy Product Listing Ads (PLAs).

Google Shopping allows you to:

  • Increase the quality of leads to your website, with visually rich and relevant product information
  • Drive traffic directly to the product pages on your website, so customers are only a click away from the checkout
  • Experience higher click-through rates than text ads in shopping searches
  • Refine your bidding strategy so you can direct your marketing budget to your bestsellers
  • Maximise your reach by positioning yourself in organic search, AdWords results and the Google Shopping page or sponsored box
  • Generate a higher return on your investment than display advertising, thanks to crisp visuals that inspire the customer to buy.

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The AdVisible Difference

We build and optimise Google Shopping ad campaigns for businesses that are looking to increase product sales. We work closely with you to understand what products deliver the most online revenue, so you can focus on promoting the products that will drive business growth.

Our team will connect your Google AdWords and Merchant Center accounts, as well as develop a bidding strategy to maximise your advertising budget. We’ll also make sure your photos are of the highest quality and develop engaging content that will make your products shine.

We are transparent about the work we do and the results we achieve for your business, which is why we give you full access to our online reporting platform: AdHub. You’ll be able to monitor your ad spend and see how your campaign is performing anywhere, anytime, on any device. Of course, you’ll also have a dedicated account manager who will provide comprehensive and straightforward reports on a regular basis, with recommendations about how we can optimise your campaign to improve results.

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