How Bisley Workwear's impressions tripled with the help of a new site navigation

  • 0 Surge in clicks for just women's workwear alone!
  • 0 Increase in monthly transactions
  • 0 Increase in impressions for mens workwear

Stats So Far

  • 725% increase in impressions for all safety coveralls
  • 445% increase in monthly revenue for PPC advertising
  • 71% decrease in the cost per conversion within 2 months
  • 94.10% decrease in average CPC from the previous year
  • 31.5K impressions in the last three months for men’s wear
  • 1.3K < 3.8K impression average per month
  • Ranking from nothing to number 2 for flame-resistant clothing
  • Keyword FR (flame resistant) ranking number 1


For 6 decades, Bisley Workwear has shaped the Australian workwear garment industry with its exceptional service and value for money. Now, Bisley is regarded as the market leader, recognised as Australia’s most trustworthy, reliable, and honest company for their comprehensive range of safetywear for both men and women. Bisley looked to move away from relying on wholesalers to sell their products and aimed to turn from a B2B to a B2C digital sales model. They tasked AdVisible to develop an online marketing strategy to optimise their underperforming site and transform it into an eCommerce brand that matched their market leader status.

Our Approach


Bisley’s website demonstrated ‘too-general’ site navigation which was insufficiently marketing their many hi-vis safetywear products. Using an in-depth keyword analysis and utilising research from the best-performing eCommerce sites in Australia, we developed a strategy that encouraged specificity in their product categories. This involved using on-page and off-page analysis, and a technical audit to ensure customers found value in their website and help them rank higher on Google search results.

SEO Research

Google Ads

After auditing Bisley’s Google Ads account, we discovered that it wasn’t properly optimised to maximise results. Additionally, targeted keywords that were performing well weren’t correctly segmented in campaigns of their own. We restructured their account to ensure their new ads were built to scale and focused the budget on high ranking search terms that had high ROAS.

Results So Far

4700% Surge in clicks for just women's workwear alone!
Thanks to our efforts in optimising Bisley's site navigation and our market research into better performing eCommerce businesses in Australia, Bisley's revenue goals have been continually hitting the mark every month! As a result, our product-specific pages for women's safetywear alone has surged from 4.3K clicks a month to 5.7 clicks!
445% Increase in monthly transactions
With businesses continuing to digitise their service and payment processes, competition in the app development industry is undeniably fierce. By providing fresh and relevant content enriched with high-volume search terms, we assured B2B prospects were in the right place, at the right time!
400% Increase in impressions for mens workwear
Whilst women's workwear is the better performing of the two (thanks to leveraging seasonal changes and trends), Bisley also saw favourable results for their impressive range of men's safetywear and coveralls. Overall, organic traffic skyrocketed by 400% which our experts will continue to optimise to match the success of the sales of their women's range.

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