Social Advertising

Social advertising allows you to reach the right people at the perfect time using tailored ad copy and graphics.

Organic social media reach is on the decline, so your greatest asset is to optimise your paid social advertising to target your audience effectively and timely. Our proficient social team guides your users seamlessly through your ads, with custom visuals, articulate ad copy and effective call to actions.

How will I get results with social advertising?

  • Increased brand awareness by target audience
  • Improved search engine ranking
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved brand loyalty

What is Social Advertising?

Social ads range from a one-off promotional post to fully-fledged ad campaigns with considerable budgets to work with. Anything that constitutes as paid content on a social media channel falls into the realm of social advertising, and captures your audience’s interest quicker than organic social media posts.

Precise demographic targeting
Full-scale campaigns and one-off promotions
Different ad formats for different purposes

Let’s Pencil In A Social Advertising Chat Today

We want to understand your business goals and objectives to create social ads that work for your specific users.

Social Advertising Process

Our social media team captures your target audience’s attention for increased conversion rates and sales of your products or services. We research your users as thoroughly as possible to understand their needs and what kind of ads they’d best respond to along with organic content on your social platforms.

Advertising Strategy

We plan an ad strategy that will meet your business goals. We discuss your social ad objectives. Your existing website traffic, promotable content and if there is anything we can provide your users free of charge as an incentive.

Setup Campaign/s

Once we define an ad strategy, we set up your campaign/s by choosing objectives based on your goals. We build your ideal audience and test your ad creatives’ visual and content aspects to appeal to your target audience.

Test, Evaluate & Adjust

Once we set everything up, we uncover what adjustments need to be made with constant testing and updating to give you the best possible results. We build testing capabilities for every effort taken on social media. We record, analyse and evaluate all successes and failures to adjust your strategy to respond better to your users. We adjust your social advertising strategy often, to remain adaptable and stay relevant as new trends emerge.

What People Say

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Memorable ad campaigns start with a high-performing social media team like ours.

Paid content is where it’s at.

Organic social media content can only get you so far. Audience-targeted, well-written paid ads get results fast and increase brand awareness instantly.

Chris Makomaski Digital Strategist

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is dedicated to providing as much transparency and value to you as possible. Below are a few answers to common questions for this service.

What is effective social media marketing?

First you need to be clear on your specific campaign goals. For example:
Goal #1: Increase website referrals and revenue
Strategy: Promote your products and services through organic and paid posts. We would track performance metrics such as traffic, direct sales and assisted sales.
Goal #2: Build an engaged audience
Strategy: Promote engaging and relevant content to incrementally grow your audience on the social media platforms that your target audience use. We would track engagement metrics, and qualitative / quantitative audience feedback.

How does AdVisible find content specific to my target audience?

We use social media technology and software to find out what content your target audience is mostly interacting with from the past week, month and year.

What if I have a lack of shareable content?

AdVisible help you build a library full of relevant and compelling content that your target audience is interested in. We hunt down relevant content, blogs, repurpose existing content to share over time, and much more. It’s always best to have an existing library of content we can work with, however don’t worry if you don’t, we can get our team to work a little harder to ensure we have content ready for you.

How do AdVisible get customers to engage with my brand?

We boost your social page engagement through increasing the number of shares, likes, comments, clicks and conversions. Customer interaction with your brand is driven by asking questions, promoting engaging and relevant content, contests, promotions, education and much more.

How do I measure return on investment with social media?

We boost your social page engagement through increasing the number of shares, likes, comments, clicks and conversions. Customer interaction with your brand is driven by asking questions, promoting engaging and relevant content, contests, promotions, education and much more.

How do I measure return on investment with social media?

We set up conversion goals to record high-value customer interactions such as sales online, completion of contact forms, time spent on a landing page, newsletter signups, promotion signups, and anything else you wish to track.

In addition, there are indirect benefits of social media that are impossible to precisely measure, which include social proof, credibility and brand awareness. These factors play a psychological role in your customer’s buying decisions.

What do Social Media Managers actually do?

  • Manage content and posting calendars to plan and schedule posts
  • Curate engaging, creative content
  • Monitor brand mentions and keywords
  • Engage with customers and partners (i.e. reply to all comments, reviews and questions)
  • Review analytics and determine next steps
  • Optimise social media posts and performance

When will AdVisible post for me?

With over 7 years of expertise, we know the best days and times to post on different social media platforms. Our social media strategists will continuously split test to drive optimum reach and engagement. Throughout the process, if we believe your posts will perform better at different times and days, we’ll be sure to let you know and adjust accordingly.

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