12/04/2016 2 min read by Ivan Teh

5 Content Writing Tips For Mobile

5 Content Writing Tips For Mobile

Mobile-friendly as the name suggests means making your website easier to use whilst on a mobile. The same approach should be taken when creating content for your website. Think about how it’s going to look, reduce friction to the end goal of the page and remember to optimise for SEO purposes.

Now for the tips.

1. Clear, Concise & Notable Headlines

Think about the size differences between screens, you have a limited amount of real estate to make your mark. So use this space wisely, make your headline straight to the point but in a smart way. Just think about what sort of headline would you click on when browsing Twitter.

2. Easy To Consume Information

Content Writing Tips for Mobile
You will want to structure your content the same as your headlines, concise and straight to the point. Scrolling through a long babbling article is quite difficult as it is, let alone doing it on a phone. Content should be structured with a brief or overview in the first paragraphs, so it allows the reader to determine whether the content is worth consuming.

3. Keep Paragraphs Suitable To The Phone Screen

Ask yourself, if you were on your phone and confronted with large blocks of text, would you think TLDR? Well that’s how it makes a lot of readers feel. Break up the paragraphs to a few sentences, so readers won’t be discouraged.

4. Strong Call To Actions

The tech age has left most of us with shorter attention spans. So if you want your audience to act upon your content, establish your CTA’s earlier. Reduce the friction it takes for your audience to reach the goal of your page.

I recommend introducing an eye catching CTA within the first few paragraphs, as well as ending on one.

5. Optimise Your Content

SEO is always going to have a spot in your contents heart and if you want to rank well then it should. This means all Meta descriptions stand out, you have a good level of keywords throughout your content and optimised images.

After Google’s algorithm update, there has been a lot of focus on mobile. Having a mobile friendly website is great, but to make the finishing touches content has to be well thought out for the reader.

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