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Why Your Business Should Be Advertising on LinkedIn

These days advertising on social media is a given for businesses of all sectors. We talk a lot about advertising on consumer focussed platforms, like Facebook, but a lesser discussed platform that offers enormous value for your advertising spend is LinkedIn.

Created to give professionals a digital platform on which to network with peers, LinkedIn has long been the place for professionals to gather. Over the years it’s had its ups and downs with identity and what it truly offers, but today, dear readers, LinkedIn is now a platform with over 500 million users that is not to be overlooked.

Much like the other social platforms, LinkedIn offers a self-service solution to create targeted campaigns based on a set budget, desired clicks or impressions, and the ability to stop your ads at any time. For self-service accounts, their Ad formats include Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail and Text Ads. In the premium range, they offer Dynamic Ads which are available through their account-managed advertising solutions, which requires you to partner with a LinkedIn team member to create exclusively placed, highly visible ads for premium audiences.

#Your key to B2B success

Social media advertising can be tough for B2B businesses. When you focus on platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you’re advertising to individuals on a platform that they associate with their personal life, rather than advertising to them when they’re in business mode. This is where LinkedIn thrives.

Of all B2B leads coming from social media, LinkedIn advertising is responsible for 80 per cent. To put that into perspective, Facebook produces a measly 6.73 per cent. It also generates three times more conversations than Twitter or Facebook. In essence, LinkedIn is the social media saviour for the B2B sector. Not only does it offer great advertising solutions but it is also a fantastic place to invest in your content marketing, as more and more professionals are using LinkedIn’s news feed as a place to learn about topics and trends relevant to their business or job.

The clencher

More great news to advocate for LinkedIn Advertising is that it doesn’t really matter what industry you’re in, as long as your focus is B2B. The top 5 largest industries on LinkedIn are IT, Marketing and Advertising, HR, Software, and Financial Services. But being a well-represented industry doesn’t mean that the results are better or worse. In fact, if you belong to a smaller industry segment on LinkedIn, it is easier for you to target your desired audience.

Speaking of audience targeting, LinkedIn has comprehensive targeting options to reach your perfect audience. Thanks to the function LinkedIn offers to business professionals, LinkedIn has impressively accurate audience information that the members themselves keep up to date, allowing you to target your advertising with precision.

LinkedIn audience targeting uses real, member-generated demographic data including job title, company, industry, seniority, and much more under the primary categories of company, experience, education, interests and identity. It is as simple as signing into their Campaign Manager, creating an ad, choosing your prefered advertising method — Sponsored Content, Text Ads, or Sponsored InMail — building your target audience, publishing your ad and watching the leads roll on in.

AdVisible is a Social Media Advertising Agency with a specialist team dedicated to helping businesses succeed with LinkedIn Advertising. If you are a B2B business wanting to maximise your leads from the LinkedIn platform, get in touch with us today.  

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