01/03/2022 5 min read by Jessica Guttridge

Our Top 5 Graphic Design Trend Predictions For 2022

With the beginning of a new year comes a whole new set of graphic design trends to stay abreast of to make sure your brand’s visuals are fresh and on the pulse.

We’re about to tell you what are the current trends in graphic design you can expect for this year!

As for all trends, just because they exist, doesn’t mean you need to hop on board. Some trends may be irrelevant, expensive to implement or may not be worth the hype in the long run. But seeing and understanding what’s currently hot in the design world will help you understand how your brand may be perceived in the marketplace, and it may inspire a new way to stand out. As well as how to change up your messaging and make your posts/ads more engaging with visuals that are fresh, and pop off the page.

With that said, here are our creative agency’s predictions for the future graphic design trends for 2022.

1. 3D Text

Sometimes it’s new technology and the new possibilities that it brings with it that changes the way we approach visual elements. Adobe Dimension makes 3D rendering with a high gloss finish much easier, which really ups the ante for text for unique creatives with personality or that jump off the page. Alternatively, this look could also just be coming back into style with another we’re seeing with it: a throwback to larger retro fonts.

Rather than existing as an afterthought, we expect typography, in general, to play a larger role in graphic design trends in 2022, becoming an integral part of graphic designs instead.

2. Inclusive Visuals

One impactful graphic design trend for brands in 2022 is going to be visuals that better represent people from all walks of life; no matter race, gender, age, or orientation, that likely exist in Australia’s different target markets. 

Graphic design that includes many different types of people helps make more people feel welcome to your business. By better reflecting your audience, it’s easier to build a stronger connection and loyalty with your company.

The focus on this trend also encourages designs that take a focus on accessibility in mind. This move doesn’t only help create a better user experience for those interacting with your different touchpoints, but helps make sure those with colour blindness or other learning disabilities can also engage with your brand.

3. Pastel Gradients

In the middle of pandemic uncertainty, everyone appreciates an extra slice of calm. For this reason, we can see grainy pastel gradients with retro vibes rising back up in the graphic design world to help bring readers that added chance for tranquillity. 

It’s a really versatile trend to use, especially for younger target markets. One that gives that vibe of ‘everything’s going to be alright’.

4. Maximalism

Vivid Neons? Extensive cutout Ukiyo-e designs?

Maximalism is a turn away from minimalist designs and is great for brands wanting to communicate energy, action and drama. This bold trend is for brands wanting to separate themselves and go all out, by creating a feast for the eyes. Think of the latest superhero movie posters and you’ll begin to see what we mean, with graphics that are visually rich and tell a story. 

You might not want to use it for everything even if you are considering it, as it can be very ‘loud,’ but in small doses its impact is dynamic.

5. Hand Drawn Elements

This next trend is one of our favourites, and maybe it’s because it encapsulates a ‘return to home’ that many Australians have now experienced either through working more at home or re-focusing on life outside work. 

Hand-drawn design elements on a page or creative can be a great answer for authenticity, which has always been a big part of communicating with your customers and helping them better understand what the people in your company are about. Add to that, it sure stands out amongst all the many other photos or social media visual content.

Drawings done by hand over digital art have a rougher or ‘messy’ look to it at times, which can help add texture to an image but also just communicate that there are real people behind the brand too.

What did you think of our predicted graphic design trends for this year? Is there anything you love or hate? 

Let us know. Our website design team, graphic designers and socials are happy to work with you on any new changes or trends that you want to get in on. Let’s Talk. 

If you’re wondering how to keep up with graphic design trends, we’ve got some suggestions. You can follow graphic designers you like on social media, check back occasionally into Pinterest, take a glance at some of the design work we’ve done for other clients or stay tuned for more of our blogs!

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