29/10/2021 2 min read by Andrew Hou

AdVisible’s SEMRush Award Nominations For 2021

The 2021 digital marketing award season has officially wrapped up and it has been a very exciting one for the team here at AdVisible. Although we were finalists in many categories in 2020, for both the SEMRush Search Awards Australia 2020 and the AMI Awards 2020, we didn’t make much noise about it. Not this year! This year, we are enjoying the freedom to get outside and shout from the rooftops.

Semrush Awards 2021

As shortlists came out on the 27th of October, our team was popping champagne (responsibly), unbelievably humbled and proud to be shortlisted for not one, or two, but SEVEN categories.

  1. Highest Website Visitor Growth – AdVisible & Nationwide Electrical – Website Growth to Fry For
  2. Best Advertising Campaign – AdVisible & Catch Fitness – Worth their weight in Google Ads
  3. Best B2B Campaign – AdVisible & App Boxer – App Boxer punches above its weight in Google search
  4. Best Online Marketing Campaign (Retail) – AdVisible & Catch Fitness – Worth their weight in Google Ads
  5. Best Online Marketing Campaign (Healthcare) – AdVisible & Bridges Alliance – Building online bridges for a better future
  6. Best Pandemic Adapting Marketing Campaign – AdVisible & Naked Foods – Exposing their online potential during lockdown
  7. Best Marketing Agency – AdVisible

The Semrush awards are all about celebrating the success of online marketing professionals, with a specific focus on the Australian market. They look at exceptional growth and revenues, significant improvements to online presence and other categories that elevate best practices, companies, professionals and communities in the Australian marketing industry.

At AdVisible, every team member with us is extremely proud of what we’ve achieved in the past year. It’s an honour to be recognised amongst our peers for our work and the incredible effort we put into excelling within our specialisation to be an authentic, influential voice within the digital marketing sphere.

If your business is looking for award-worthy services in digital marketing, contact the team at AdVisible today

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