12/04/2016 2 min read by Ivan Teh

Facebook Dominating Video in a Different Way

Facebook Dominating Video In A Different Way

If I asked you what comes to mind first when you think of videos online, you’d most likely say YouTube. But it’s time for YouTube to move over, Facebook has now overtaken the video giant. Yes that’s right, when it comes to video views Facebook is now winning and they’re not stopping there.

If you haven’t noticed, Facebook has been aggressively improving their video functionality and advising page owners against other forms of video posts i.e. Youtube.

So why are they doing this?

Mr. Zuckerberg obviously sees a potential cash cow for Facebook and a potential in the way your video is received by your community. This is why Facebook plans to push the use of native videos to Facebook page owners.

The push for native videos has also seen other channels such as Youtube and Vimeo have less presence on the feed when posted. This is visible in the image below.

Facebook Native vs Youtube

Facebook dominates video views by integrating them into their users feeds, allowing them to interact and share them with more ease than Youtube. These videos are also catered to friends and fans of brand pages.

So there is massive opportunity to create video content, specifically designed for your audience and people with similar interests, all without having them search for it.

So should you use Facebook Video?

If your business is well suited to video content, now is the time to make it. Facebook video ads have the lowest CPC’s and the highest engagement rates.

What’s not to like about this?

If you’re constantly on Facebook like I am, then you understand the thumb stopping power of a video on your newsfeed. Their auto-play feature attracts the eye and creates engagement even if the play button is not pressed.

So I would definitely recommend getting your business on video if you can. Some industries may not suit, but there is always a way around reaching your target with great videos.

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