16/04/2020 3 min read by Ivan Teh

5 Things EVERY Business Should Consider Doing Right Now During COVID-19

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📲 1. Stay Visible

People are still searching online, which means that they are still in the buying cycle. Right now, because of government bans around COVID-19 and social distancing rules, most businesses have less competition and more eyes on screens than ever. Take advantage of the extra attention by working to increase your brand awareness.

Brand awareness can be achieved quickly through social media advertising, or Google Ads (branded and non-branded search, display or Youtube campaigns), or you can spend extra time setting up strong SEO foundations and improving your keyword rankings. 

💡 2. Think ‘Outside of the Box’ 

Over the last couple of months, many of our clients have been forced to step outside of their day-to-day and really think about how they will thrive through COVID-19. Think outside the box by brainstorming ideas: how can you pivot your business? What different ways can you utilise your/your team’s skills? What offers or discounts can you offer?

Some examples of what our clients have done: Stitch, a social community helping over 50s enrich their lives through companionship, group events and more, have launched new online features such as virtual group get to gethers and video calls. These features ensure members can be socially connected while staying safe at home. This is so important as they work with particularly vulnerable members of the community. Fitness Playground, a physical gym, have now created an online workout application called Virtual Playground, which will still be there even after the gyms reopen! The French Learning Institute, a language learning center, is now teaching their classes online by the same quality teachers. They can now reach students that were previously too far away.

💻 3. Work on Your Branding, Website & Content

Having been in the industry for almost 10 years, we’ve noticed a trend: so many businesses put off their branding, website and content work because it’s too time-consuming, and in some cases, requires downtime (and therefore, lost leads/sales). For the many industries that are experiencing a slower start to the year and have more time, you now have the perfect opportunity to revisit these foundations for when the crowds come back. 

We find that revamping your branding guides takes about 1-2 months and redesigning & developing websites take at least 3-4 months. Content can be ongoing, however, businesses can use this time to build up a library of blogs, new imagery and videos and more.

🙋 4. Continue to Speak to Your Community

It is particularly important during this period to continue to speak to your community, whether that be through social media, emails or through a chat. Provide timely updates as your business changes, uplifting content to cut into the negative news, and be sincere. We have even seen businesses ask for help and they have been received well. More than ever, our communities want to give back and support businesses. 

Note, If your business hours or locations have changed, even temporarily, make sure to update these details on your Google My Business listing and socials.

🚨 5. Create a Lead Generation Campaign

It’s true, some industries are finding that there are longer lead times, or low acquisition rates recently. So in a particularly low period, why not create a lead generation campaign to build up your email list? Unlike advertising on Google or Facebook, an email list is yours to keep, and to advertise to freely whenever you need to. We encourage you to build up your list now, which can be used to communicate with users and also send them stronger sales messages when the market turns back around!

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