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Everything you need to know about AI Copywriting in 2024

Want to be able to write content with the click of a button? A machine that writes landing pages, headings and social posts? Madness!

Most digital copywriters and content creators would shudder at the thought.

But this digital copywriter, who’s very much flesh and blood, is here to tell you there’s nothing to fear!

Meet AI content generators, a new copywriting assistant that allows you to spend time editing and refining, optimising copy for various channels and personals, but above all, getting you content that converts!

Suppose you’re someone whose responsibilities involve writing pages and pages of content. In that case, an AI copywriter will make your job easier and can be a lucrative way to improve your business’s ROI.

So how do you utilise AI writing in your marketing efforts?

This article outlines everything there is to know about copy generated content and what it means for companies and their human content creators.

What is AI Writing?

Also known as artificial intelligence writing, AI writing refers to any online program that creates different types of content, from blogs, social media captions to meta-data descriptions.

Content is generated through machine learning software. This is achieved by training an algorithm to crunch millions of web pages looking for unique patterns. The software uses this knowledge to build fresh content on a set topic.

Today, artificial intelligence software and tools can mimic and understand language. You simply set the parameters into your AI tool and let the machine do the rest.

What are AI content generators & how do they work?

AI writing automates many daily tasks that people have been performing manually, making them easier to complete. Using machine learning to complete different activities means less chance for human error while still obtaining lucrative results.

An AI writing program uses computer learning to analyse large amounts of text and then trains itself on how to produce something better. It knows what to do based on its unique programming.

AI has certain limitations imposed by its programming, allowing humans to observe and control the decisions made. A good AI writing tool can assist you in producing high-quality, professional-looking material for your website, social media posts, email campaigns, and other marketing materials.

Benefits of AI writing for businesses

  1. Quality content for a shorter period
    Implementing AI writing into your content strategy can produce high-quality long-form content at a fraction of the time it takes for a human writer.

    Tools are constantly evolving and are becoming more reliable and capable of delivering written work that people can be proud of. Today’s online tools draw on massive databases to generate fresh ideas based on input keyword variations allowing authors to obtain content that’s more bang for their buck.

    Furthermore, an AI writing program can even perform routine duties a writer couldn’t accomplish independently.
  2. Higher efficiency while reducing costs
    For those who work in occupations that are expected to write a lot of information, AI writing tools can help them create quality content faster. Furthermore, it minimises the labour needed to handle tasks that computers can take, significantly reducing operating costs.
  3. Generate fresh content in multiple languages
    Is your business looking to expand beyond borders? Some AI writing software can translate content from one language to another.

    This can give writers a competitive edge looking to generate content to reach international audiences. Any translated text will be of comparable quality to the original copy, so there is no need to be concerned about things being lost in translation!
  4. Improves your SEO efforts
    Most AI writing tools are built to increase and align with your SEO content strategies.

    From features improving readability to helping you input the correct number of search terms, most AI content tools will build fresh copy based on a set topic and the keywords you insert. This can help businesses focus on SEO marketing without spending too much time curating the best type of content from scratch. As Google prefers targeted and relevant material, you can rest assured that AI writing software generates it for you!
  5. AI text generators bring round fresh ideas
    Every content writer experiences some form of writer’s block. This doesn’t happen with AI writing tools. Whether building a snappy two-liner caption for several social media posts or writing an introduction for a three-page blog article, one of the most significant advantages is that online tools can help get the ball rolling when generating fresh ideas!

    People waste significant time brainstorming and conducting research for trending topics. With AI software, it can at least give writers a solid foundation to expand and give them time to hone their writing skills.
  6. Can boost your ROI
    When you integrate AI writing programs into your content marketing processes, you can see significant improvement in your ROI as they can automatically adjust for different platforms and post regularly. The more consistent your brand content, the more likely you’ll reach your target audience.
  7. Personalised content that matches different audiences
    Does your business or agency work with multiple clients? Businesses and content creators no longer have to stress adapting their writing style whenever they work with someone new.

    AI writing tools have the capability to generate personalised content for specific audiences of a business. Depending on the devices you use, you can even build content for different clients simultaneously. This is a fantastic way to give your brand a competitive edge over others in your field and help you obtain those conversions you’re after.
  8. Give your internal copywriters an advantage
    One of the best advantages of implementing AI writing software into your business is that it can help you generate new content without needing to hire additional staff. Doing so gives your internal content creation a competitive edge to curate brand-centric copy on mass to scale up!

Four ways to utilise AI writing effectively

Triple-check your facts

While an AI content creator is likely to put out relevant, unique and readable content, it may not always be accurate- especially if you’re writing website or blog content for a particular niche industry. Always fact-check your generated content and edit false information to ensure everything is correct. Furthermore, when crediting sources, ensure they are the right source.

Yes, AI text will usually be relevant to your audience, editing and fact-checking are still essential writing measures that can’t be ignored.

Always include your company’s/cllient’s brand voice.

Most AI content tools allow you to choose the tone of voice. While this feature is reliable, it is easy to lose track of a client’s branding or tone of voice. This leads to complacency and muddying your brand consistency as you continue to create more and more content.

To ensure consistent branding, provide client styling examples or input tone of voice templates into your AI writing tools.

Optimise for SEO

Anything you publish online must be SEO-optimised if you want to direct more people to your company through leading search engines.

While AI writing can undoubtedly lighten your content workload, you should never forget to follow the best on and off-page optimisation practices. You will always need optimised content to outperform others to get ahead of your competitors.

Formulate specific patterns in your AI content

Some pieces of content can have multiple meanings depending on the context.

AI algorithms will try to infer context from single statements by recognising computing capabilities and patterns, which is more challenging for people to identify. If you’re writing content that features distinct topics and context, you can build a database to allow you to generate more consistent copy for future projects.

Will AI replace digital copywriters?

To the digital copywriters and content creators out there, you’re probably worried that you’re out of a job and that machine learning is taking over.

Rest assured that AI content generators won’t replace good writers. Whilst AI can help (and certainly lighten the workload!), artificial intelligence is limited in its ability to learn. It can’t understand emotions and empathy and essentially connect with audiences- Three integral elements that make a well-written piece of copy.

As a whole, AI-powered writing tools can only create basic content which doesn’t require expertise or research. Without some human intervention, it can’t build strategic, story-driven content in line with a company’s branding.

Things to consider before utilising AI-powered content

  • Will the content quality be the same if I use AI writing?
    AI is a tool to assist businesses in creating content. Companies shouldn’t rely on AI writing entirely. Just because it’s automated doesn’t automatically mean the resulting information will be relevant to your target audience.

    High-quality content also depends on what it has been programmed to do to make decisions.

    While there are many kinds of artificial intelligence programs today, not all of them can do everything equally well.
  • Can AI writing affect people?
    As artificial intelligence continues to advance, more industries will begin to utilise it to automate processes and make business decisions. Therefore, artificial intelligence will continue impacting how some people live.

    It will likely affect the job market, taking over many occupations currently achieved by humans. This could lead to difficulties finding employment and a loss of income.
  • Will AI writing affect businesses?
    Artificial intelligence for copywriting has excellent potential to streamline business operations and make more informed decisions. It also makes it easier for staff to automate everyday tasks that may have been impossible in the past, saving significant time and money.

With artificial intelligence becoming increasingly popular worldwide, there’s no better moment to start utilising AI writing programs to create content and boost your digital marketing efforts than now.

Get in touch with AdVisible to learn how we can skyrocket your business’s content marketing efforts with industry-leading AI text generator tools today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

AI writing programs help with SEO by allowing users to input specific keywords and topics, which then SEO copywriters incorporate into content. Additionally, these tools often provide suggestions to improve readability and ensure that the content aligns with SEO best practices.

Yes, some AI tools can translate content from one language to another, allowing businesses to reach international audiences if necessary.

Yes, many AI writing tools offer customisation options where users can define the desired tone of voice or style, helping to maintain consistency in their branding across various content channels.

The accuracy of content generated by AI varies depending on factors such as the quality of the software, the complexity of the content, and the specificity of the topic. While AI writing tools can produce relevant and readable content, it’s important to fact-check and edit the generated content to ensure accuracy and add a human touch to it.

While AI can generate a wide range of content types, it may have limitations regarding highly specialised or niche industries where domain-specific knowledge is required.

Additionally, complex creative tasks that require understanding or emotional intelligence may be challenging for AI to replicate accurately; that’s why it is always recommended that a writer reviews and edits the content.

Businesses should establish clear guidelines for content creation, including verifying facts, avoiding plagiarism and maintaining transparency about the use of AI tools.

Additionally, ongoing monitoring and evaluation of AI-generated content can help mitigate potential concerns.

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