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How Can Video Content Leverage Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

How can video content leverage your digital marketing strategy?

Things are changing faster than ever – video content eclipses most other forms of content marketing and here’s why.

We live in a tech-savvy world where information counts for nothing if not instant, captivating and original. We want soundbites, quick-fix gratification – and we want it right now. This is why video content can be the ultimate platform to engage your users without losing interest. Below we have outlined the benefits of using video to market to your clients.

Different Types of Video Content

There are plenty of video types but for the sake of simplicity and relevance, we have compiled a list of the top kinds of video for your business’s digital marketing strategy. Here we have focused on the awareness and interest stages of the digital marketing funnel – as this is where you will first capture your customer’s attention. Some businesses will get more value out of certain video types and so we have recommended what works best for your specific needs.

Brand Films

The crux of a brand film isn’t as simple as selling a product or service, or even telling a story about your company. It’s crucial to know without a doubt who you are. Additionally, what kind of emotion do you want to evoke in viewers? Better yet, you should be aware of exactly who your customers are – what they do for work, for fun, what their interests and hobbies are – the works. If you feel you have a good grasp of these factors, a brand film can be the ultimate point of difference for your company. It should be wholesome, and tell an integrated story answering the ‘who we are’, ‘what we do’ and ‘why we do it’ of your business. Bigger, more reputable brands can be a little more creative with the brief. Brand films are the most attention-grabbing video category and if you need to increase awareness and gauge interest for any industry, this is the perfect way to do it. Have a look at this visually striking and powerful music video by designer label Kenzo.

Testimonial Videos

How often do you see a page of written testimonials, roll your eyes at its exaggerated nature and instantly think less of the brand you’ve come across? Often enough, we assume. Through experience, online users become wary of written testimonials due to their easily-manipulated nature. A company could have created the whole set up themselves and often do so it’s best to avoid this dilemma. A better and more believable solution would be a video of spoken testimonials. If previous customers have taken time out of their day to say good things about your product, service or their overall satisfaction with your business, chances are potential customers will have their interest piqued with this reliable and influential method of digital marketing. Check out the brilliance of The Blessed Bean team in Wagga Wagga with some raving customer testimonials in a modest two-minute vid.

Animation Videos

If long-lasting impact is what you’re after, there isn’t a more effective method than creating a memorable animation video. This is ideal for companies who provide services or products that can seem a little dull and uninspiring on their own – think a car wash, laundry or plumbing service. With a short, quirky video (have a look at Twitter’s Vimeo for their Flight School agency training program for a cool example), if you get the equation right, animation videos are highly shareable and can go viral in a fraction of the time it takes to use traditional digital marketing tactics.

Educational Videos

If you want to teach potential customers a thing or two about your product or services, a quick and to-the-point educational video could be the way to go. As we get exposed to more advertising daily, our attention spans become shorter and so you only have a small amount of time to make the most impact. Most commonly used by software, technology and I.T. companies, not only will your audience be learning something new about your industry, they could see the benefit of sharing the content to friends and family if the video is succinct and entertaining enough. Apple has been extremely successful at educating their users in short bursts with their minimalistic YouTube tutorials.

Quality Video Content is the Way to Go

Through expert predictions and industry trends, it’s clear that video content is the way forward for an effective digital marketing strategy. But why is video so momentous and should you take a piece of the pie? Various studies have shown how visual imagery is the best way to learn and retain new information. How quickly, for instance, does it take for you to see the brightly-lit golden arches on a highway for your mouth to start drooling? Video has a similar impact on the brain’s visual memory receptors, and has a lasting impact if done right. We know that it takes around ten seconds for your audience to lose interest, so the immediacy of a quality video will leverage your digital marketing strategy.

Video’s Benefits for Your Business

You can have the most user-friendly landing page or the most original social content on your company’s Facebook feed, but there isn’t much that can compete with the storytelling capabilities of a high-quality video. The emotional pull of your content is the linchpin of a fullproof digital marketing strategy so why not take advantage of video’s benefits for your business? With short, easy-to-digest video content on a landing page, for example, you can increase conversion rates by up to 80 per cent and improve your site’s SEO landscape. In marketing emails, you can boost click-through rates simply by adding an appealing video to your campaign. In social media testimonials, you can use video to establish trust, add a human touch to your company’s image and build credibility for your brand. Video’s benefits are abundantly evident – it’s time you made the shift into the future to leverage your digital marketing strategy. Want some more pointers on what kind of content marketing is best to capture attention quick? Have a look at a video tip by storytelling pro Dennis Noel Gomez for some handy expert advice.

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