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Facebook Blueprint: Learning Facebook For Business

Fcebook Blueprint: Learning Facebook For Business

If you own a business and want to tap into Facebook marketing, then Facebook Blueprint is where you can learn the ropes. I have always been very critical in how Facebook provides resources for smaller businesses, but after doing a few courses in Blueprint I was actually quite surprised. I guess they finally understand that smaller businesses don’t have as much resources as their larger counterparts.

This is a big step forward from the seminars I attended at their Sydney headquarters mid last year. Sure they provided great examples of how to utilise storytelling, but all their examples were of big brands with million dollar budgets.

So What Does Blueprint Mean For Your Business?

Facebook Blueprint is a flexible e-learning center that let’s you choose which courses will benefit you the most, and lets you take your time in completing them. It also provides certification for completing courses throughout the program, adding an extra incentive.

Facebook covers 12 categories in this program and with more than 40 courses to take, the benefits outweigh the time spent to complete them.

Facebook Blueprint - Categories
(image courtesy of Facebook)

My favourite course so far is the creative best practices. This course runs through how you should create your posts and adverts, placing focus on thumb friendly content for the news feed and creating stories and themes to make your content more memorable.

They teach you that your content has to be ownable, so that you can create posts that are part of a whole group of posts, but still work well on their own.

Blueprint will also recap what you have learnt with 3-6 multiple choice questions, to ensure that you understood the lesson.

Creative Best Practices
(image courtesy of Facebook)

If you have the time, or have someone in your business in charge of your Social Media Marketing, I would absolutely recommend going through the Facebook Blueprint courses.

This course is a comprehensive guide to everything you can do on Facebook, from how to post to what ads you should run, given you know your objectives.

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