11/04/2016 3 min read by Ivan Teh

How To Deliver Awesome Content & Utilise Social

How To Deliver Awesome Content Utilise Social

Yes this is the information age and with that we are blasted with tons and tons of content. Getting the right message to the right person has never been harder…Or has it?

People have access to vast amounts of information and they would be very selective on what they consume. So to get their attention you need something that will capture their eyes and in the long term gain their loyalty.

So How Would One Achieve Reaching Their Audience?

Well there isn’t a one size fits all approach to this subject, different audiences require different strategies to pique their interests.

At the end of the day it’s up to how well you know your audience and knowing how to push their buttons and when.

So if you know your audience, know what they want!

The only thing left is to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Utilising Social

By leveraging all channels you can shout out at the top of your lungs and more people will hear you, figuratively of course.

So if you aren’t on Social Media, BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA!

These channels are by far the most cost effective way to reach your audience and a great tool for any business. Couple these channels with their available ads and you’re on the way to reaching a wider range of people.

Remember that knowing your audience requires time and testing. Different people react differently, you need to test ads before you have found the audience that fits your business.

Knowing Your Audience & How They Use Different Platforms


Is your behavior the same on Facebook as it is on Twitter?

Each social media has a different purpose to their users.

It’s best to understand this and target your audience differently on each platform.

Get into the audiences mind. Let’s say an 18 year old girl is on Facebook, they are on Facebook to socialise and catch up on their world of friends. Compare that to that same girl on Pinterest, she would now be specifically shopping or looking up something trendy to buy.

It’s these little things that we have to be aware of to understand how to reach the people that you want. You also have to understand their preferences and browsing behaviour on these platforms.

Another important thing is to know what your audience likes, provide them content that would interest them.

For example you’re a travel agent business and you want to target young school kids or uni leavers. So you create a post ‘10 Must Go Destinations After You Finished Studying’ linking to an article on your website.

This piques their interest and provides a gateway to your business and what you have to offer.

Start Creating

Understanding your audience may take time, but it’s time well spent.

Think outside the box when creating content and don’t follow your competitors.

I’ll leave the rest to you.

What ideas do you have to better target your audience?

What sort of value do you provide to your audience?

What has worked and what hasn’t worked for you?

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