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Imagine waking up one day to find your website traffic has gone down the gurgler, your site has most likely been hit with a Manual Penalty from Google’s spam team. The good news is that AdVisible can help you recover rankings and traffic with the right SEO recovery plan.

Sadly we’ve seen this problem too many times caused by other cowboy SEO vendors. We offer free consultations to show you what real SEO is, and tell you what unethical SEO techniques to avoid before it’s too late.

Common Reasons for Lost Rankings:

  • Manual website penalties
  • Unnatural link building
  • Google changing their indexing algorithm
  • Website crawl errors

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Common causes of Lost SEO Rankings

The SEO game has revolutionised and Google is demanding more from its advertisers to create quality content to deliver the best user experience possible. With growing demands, it’s easy for advertisers to get caught out. Listed here are 4 common reasons that cause lost SEO rankings and traffic.


Manual Penalties

Google frowns upon unnatural backlinks and other spam methods. Usually the cheaper SEO companies use these tactics, which is damaging to your Google reputation. Our advice is to stay well clear of these tactics.

Unnatural Link Building

If your SEO company is creating thousands of cheap spammy backlinks, this is considered unnatural. We suggest you stop immediately and contact us for a SEO recovery plan before its too late. Don’t worry, we won’t judge.

Algorithmic Changes

Google may have made a change to its algorithm, which has affected your site. If you don’t have strong content, quality backlinks and tick all the boxes, the chances are you won’t be looking forward to Google updates.

Crawl Errors

The final reason for lost SEO rankings may rest in your hands. If your site is not “Google-friendly”, Google will not crawl your site properly and won’t be able to reward you with the rankings that you deserve.

SEO Recovery Plan

Does your business revenue rely on Google? Imagine the heartbreak of realising one day, all your revenue has vanished due to someone else applying risky techniques to your site, also know as black hat SEO. This practice is against out ethos, hence why we are transparent about our work and strictly apply white hat SEO techniques. Before we deploy our SEO recovery plan, we identify if it’s a manual or algorithmic penalty that we are up against. Our technical team will map out a timeline and deploy strategies to clean up the mess.

  • Adventure Wild Case Study

    Services: Google AdWords and Website Development

    As a service company offering Australian outback tours to customers, Adventure Wild needed a website that is both engaging and conversion focused as it is their primary point of contact with most customers. Through a new design with strategic placements, engaging content, and a clear user journey that lead to a sale we delivered beyond their wildest expectations (pun intended)!

    • 496.53%Increase in Sessions
    • 565.08%Increase in Users
    • +118.87%Conversion Rate

Let a Technical Expert fix your SEO.

Andrew Hou
Chief Commercial Officer & Co-founder

Almost all Google penalties can be solved with the right SEO advice, some hard work and an honest approach to building and maintaining your website.

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