Sydney Photographic Workshops

Photography workshops taught by award-winning professionals.

The Brief

Sydney Photographic Workshops had been around for years before we found each other. They had just decided to start focusing on their online channel – having commissioned a new website – and were looking for the best way to drive a digital marketing campaign. And for that, they came to the right place.

Although they had been doing quite well through word-of-mouth, referrals and traditional marketing campaigns, we were excited to show them the potential of digital marketing, and what they had been missing out on.

The Vision

We wanted to fully utilise their new website, and the best approach for their new marketing campaign was driving traffic to the site, and ensuring that users were enrolling into their classes and workshops. This was best done through a combined effort of Google AdWords, Remarketing and SEO.

  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase overall conversions
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Establish a digital sales channel

After some thorough market research and measured KPIs, we opted to direct their campaign toward boosting enrolments for their intro course. Although this was their lowest cost class, we believed that specifically targeting this product was the best approach for achieving the goals set by Sydney Photographic Workshops.


We weren’t wrong! The SEO work and remarketing ensured that their website was seeing a consistent growth in overall visitors to the site as users were becoming more familiar with the brand and its product. This resulted in an increase in enrolments across the board. Concurrently, the AdWords side of the campaign saw a spike in conversions for the intro course.


Because we tracked and measured everything, we could constantly keep an eye on the results of the campaign. And within 2 months they were already seeing significant results from their digital marketing efforts. They saw a 94% increase in sessions, 85% more users, 89% more conversions, and a much lower CPA than expected, which gave them a very positive ROI. Their digital avenue is now their most effective sales channel by far!

The Projects Success


Increase in ROI

Having relied almost solely on traditional marketing methods, Sydney Photographic Workshops was not expecting the efficacy of digital marketing. They have since scaled back on the traditional, and allocated an increased budget into digital as it sees a much better enrolments, is easier to measure/track and has a healthier ROI.

  • 94%

    Increase in Sessions

  • 85%

    Increase in Users

  • 89%

    Increase in Conversions

  • 60%

    Increase in Conversion Rate

  • 43%

    Decrease in CPA


    Strong Digital Presence

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