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The Brief

Getex were established specialists in their industry and had almost a decade experience. They did not achieve this feat, however, through digital channels. Although they had an AdWords account, they were managing it themselves and it was not performing as they had hoped. They just didn’t see the value in it, or the digital approach. It was all about the bottom line.

That’s where we stepped in. We took over the account, and by extension, their entire digital marketing effort. With our AdWords expertise, we showed Getex that it can be an incredibly powerful tool. But most importantly, we showed them that AdWords is just one tool and they could be achieving so much more if they used the whole kit.

The Vision

A complete turnaround of their Google AdWords account, but also utilising a whole suite of marketing tools to use in their digital campaign. Services like AdWords, SEO, and web design all work best in tandem. And it wasn’t until they agreed to let us combine them that they began seeing how effective digital was, and how far it exceeds their bottom line.

  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase overall conversions
  • positive ROI
  • Increase revenue

Getex signed on for our services one at a time. Initially they came on for Google AdWords. After we proved our capability by increasing their acquisitions, they signed on for a new website. When they saw the effectiveness of their sales-focused site with increased conversion rates, they signed on for SEO. SEO then brought in consistent growth in website traffic.


Through the sequential implementation of AdWords, web design and SEO, we managed to boost every metric in their analytics. Now their digital marketing campaign runs itself. SEO and AdWords brings in more traffic, their new site is better of converting those users into sales, and as a result, all three have increased their overall revenue.


The campaign was a complete success, and they have no doubts about the value of digital now. Within two months of us taking over their AdWords campaign their conversions increased by 57%. Within two months of their website going live, their conversion rates increased by 43%. And within two months of SEO, their website traffic increased by 164%. But what about their bottom line? Well, the campaign saw a 74% ROI and a 69% increase in revenue. Now they’re asking what other tools we could use for them from our digital marketing tool kit!

The Projects Success


Increase in Conversions

Getex did not have faith in the complete digital marketing having had difficulties with Google AdWords. They now see that an online campaign works best when combining all the different techniques together to create a whole process. And experience and expertise from a trustworthy agency is critical!

  • 164%

    Increase in Sessions

  • 78%

    Increase in Users

  • 43%

    Increase in Conversion Rate

  • 47%

    Decrease in CPA

  • 73%

    Increase in ROI

  • 69%

    Increase in Revenue

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